– The Inner Game of Tennis.

How do you live with less interference? Align your gut, heart, and mind to see. Decode what matters. Build your foundation. Achieve the peace of mind you were destined for.

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Experience the profound transformation that our coaching services offer as we guide you to recognize your inner voice.

With us, you’ll build a rock-solid foundation that paves the way to the peace of mind you were always destined for.

Let us be your beacon, showing you how to rise above the limitations of your circumstances and unlock the unparalleled mental freedom that can reshape your world.

Leave the worries of the details behind; it’s time to shift into a new gear of limitless potential and unbridled mental freedom.

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The Inside-Out Understanding

Imagine a world where your happiness is not contingent on changing external conditions.

Picture having access to an inner reservoir of clarity, resilience, and unparalleled mental freedom, ready to be tapped at any moment. Envision a reality where peace of mind flows effortlessly, independent of the world’s demands. Welcome to a transformative conversation that promises to reshape your life with astonishing ease, guiding you toward a future filled with boundless joy and fulfillment.

Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching

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Imagine a life where your deepest desires and aspirations are not just within reach, but fully realized. As coaches, we are your guiding light on this transformative journey, empowering you to unlock more from life than you ever thought possible.

With us, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the intricate blueprint of the human experience, revealing the only true obstacle that ever held anyone back: the belief in their own insecure thinking.

Witness as peace of mind effortlessly becomes your new normal, and watch your life transform into an extraordinary tapestry of fulfillment and limitless possibilities.

Teen and family coaching
Teen and family coaching

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Is your child facing the daunting challenges of anxiety, depression, peer pressure, or dwindling motivation?

The transformation within reach is nothing short of remarkable.

In our program, the results speak volumes: a staggering 68% surge in their capacity to conquer stress and a remarkable 59% leap in overall happiness.

We believe that every tool needed to thrive resides within us, waiting to be unleashed. It’s time to empower your child with the skills and resilience they need to navigate life’s complexities and emerge as their best, most confident selves.

Online Courses
Online Courses

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COURSES: Unleash your potential with our powerful online courses. Dive into a world of transformative learning and personal growth, where you can harness new skills, insights, and perspectives from the comfort of your own space.


MAY 2ND 2024

Tap into your inner GPS, get clear on your goals.


What a GIFT meeting Andrea and Lee Vallely. Along with their relationship being a shining example of what’s possible, they share wisdom in a light, clear, fun way that’s refreshing and real! No heaviness of personal development here, instead All Access to personal JOY!!

Laura Duksta

NY Times Best Selling Author I Love You More

The Happier You Workshop was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. Thank you for sharing your all your wisdom and insight. You are an amazing guide, teacher, leader, speaker, ray of light, love, happiness, and all things beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts! XOXO

Stephanie Hirsh

NY Times Best Selling Author National Sales Manager
Andi and Lee were ideal for our organization’s virtual Town Hall! Their low-key yet positive tone resonated with every team member, creating a trusting and open atmosphere. Their vulnerability, warmth, honesty, and approachability made it the most real and powerful presentation we’ve had during the COVID crisis. We are immensely grateful to Andi and Lee and hope to have them present in person someday. Thank you from our executive leadership team, management, and the entire team at My WordPress.

Bev Bryant

Executive Administrator-Kids Distress, Inc./Family Central, Inc.

From my very first conversation with Andi and Lee, I was hooked. A longtime devotee of any and all consciousness-raising teachings, I knew right away that I wanted to work with them in myriad capacities. Aside from being wildly delightful people, these talented coaches are pioneers on the forefront of this evolution of consciousness that I’m sure will eventually blow our collective mind. Their deep understanding of the Three Principles is evident in everything they do and share, and I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent with them. Smart, funny, and just the right amount of quirky, Andi and Lee are the guides you’ve been waiting for. Let them take you there.

Lisa McCourt

Best-Selling Hay House Author

Andi, thank you so much for encouraging me to bring my husband to one of our sessions! We’ve been having some issues for months now and just that one session helped us both open up to some things that were on our mind and get some clarity. Things have been great ever since! I really appreciate all your help ❤️.

Jessica D.

Working with Andi in personal coaching was an elegant and life-moving process.   I had a background in science, and I was looking to remove some blocks and take my life to the next level.  What I received was so much more than I could have imagined.  Andi is a warm and highly intuitive coach who knows how to seamlessly meet you where you are, and read and guide you to what you need.  It was like shedding a skin that was already peeling and gone, but I was clinging for no reason at all.  My whole life changed. The Principles they teach are simple, and yet if you ingest them, they cannot NOT bring on change.  I have shifted in more ways than I could have imagined.  My relationships are flourishing, I am healthier in my mind, body and spirit, and I feel an excitement knowing I have all of the answers inside me.  Andi and Lee are robust and strong in their willingness to pursue their calling by helping others, and I’m so grateful to have them in my life!  It’s a lifelong journey and I plan to keep them right there with me!  

Lisa L.


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