Meet Andi and Lee

Andrea and Lee Vallely are the founders of Shift Happens Global, a transformative coaching and training company, specializing in retreats, personal and recovery coaching, and empowering teens.

Six years ago, Andi and Lee were hit over the head by the simple truth, we live in the feeling of our thinking in the moment. This simple truth, articulated by Sydney Banks, known as The Three Principles, is the foundation of their work.

About Andrea
About Lee

About Andrea


From captivating audiences at the tender age of 9 in school plays to earning a music scholarship at the University of Florida, Andrea’s journey through the arts has been nothing short of inspiring. As Andrea Lauren, she produced a mesmerizing album and embarked on tour adventures alongside iconic acts like Salt-N-Pepa, Freddie Jackson, and Crystal Waters. Her magnetic vocal prowess and deep audience connection eventually paved the way for a flourishing career in voice work and marketing.

However, in 2007, Andrea’s life took a profound turn when she encountered Brian Weiss’s transformative book, “Many Lives Many Masters.” It triggered a seismic shift towards spirituality during a challenging period marked by her father’s illness. Amid the stress and uncertainty of hospital waiting rooms and the disheartening news in the world, Andrea discovered her true calling – becoming a beacon of positivity, faith, and optimism.

Harnessing her personal experiences, Andrea crafted a unique happiness formula from within and began sharing her uplifting message on a humble homemade website. This endeavor swiftly gained traction, culminating in the creation of, a cherished haven for like-minded individuals seeking happiness. Andrea’s journey took another leap forward as she studied under the esteemed Dr. Robert Holden, the visionary behind the Happiness Project and best-selling author of “Happiness Now! Shift Happens” and “Loveability.”

After rigorous training, Andrea emerged as a Certified Happiness Coach and Certified Success Coach, further enhancing her skills with certifications in Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming. Her insightful blogging garnered international recognition, securing her a spot among the top 10 of the Top 100 Self-Help Blogs alongside renowned platforms like Psychology Today and The Happiness Project. Andrea’s contributions extend to esteemed publications such as MindBodyGreen, The Happy Starfish, Cafe Truth, and The Master Shift. Her voice has resonated across numerous radio outlets and popular podcasts, including Blog Talk Radio and Transformational Talk Radio, solidifying her status as the “Happiness Expert” on The Happy Hour at News Talk 1180 in Philadelphia. Moreover, she is a cherished regular contributor to CBS morning news.

Andrea’s radiant spirit has graced the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, where she conducted her transformative happiness workshop as an integral part of their Health Educator Program. Her journey is an awe-inspiring testament to the power of positivity and the profound impact one person can have in spreading joy and wellbeing.

Andrea is a registered Three Principles Practitioner and a member of the 3PGC global community. She continues as a personal coach and speaker, working with various organizations, schools and businesses. She is passionate about living from the inside out, and encourages others to experience their own greatest potential.

About Lee

Lee Vallely's early life was marked by a challenging and tumultuous journey, born in the heart of Birmingham, England, amidst a backdrop of violence, racism, and volatility. Fearing judgment, Lee concealed his ethnic background for the better part of his childhood, only finding the courage to speak about it in his late twenties.

This challenging upbringing sowed seeds of limiting beliefs, making him feel like an imposter, unworthy, and disconnected. He was often perceived as aloof, even prompting suspicions of autism due to his reticence. However, this adversity ignited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly in the realms of positive psychology and mindset transformation.

Lee transformed into an avid bookworm, devouring over a thousand non-fiction books, a dedicated seminar enthusiast, and an insatiable seeker of understanding the intricacies of the human mind. Today, he embodies the very principles he teaches, empowering others to live their best lives. Lee Vallely holds certifications as a Certified Health Coach, Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach Trainer, and a certified hypnosis and NLP Trainer, bringing a wealth of expertise as a seasoned Health Coach, transformational speaker, and coach.

His journey led him to work as a personal trainer and, later, as a mental fitness coach for young athletes at Wimbledon, where he nurtured their unshakeable confidence on and off the court. Lee's commitment to personal growth led him to study under the legendary Tony Robbins, completing Mastery University and Leadership programs. In 2007, he became a leader and facilitator for Robbins, a testament to his dedication.

Lee Vallely is also a licensed facilitator for Bob Proctor, the iconic narrator of "The Secret," and his transformative Thinking Into Results Training program. Direct training from NLP co-founder Richard Bandler and renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna further enriched Lee's skill set.

Passionately dedicated to helping individuals cultivate the mindset and energy required to conquer obstacles and manifest their goals, Lee Vallely inspires them to create futures so compelling they can't help but greet each morning with unbridled enthusiasm. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, personal growth, and unwavering determination.

I met Andrea by chance and it was meant to be. Andi subtly and gently gave me tools to find the little girl inside of me, cradle her, forgive her and most of all LOVE her ! This exercise has been a perfect recipe for my healing~~ and accepting my Universe in a much grandeur way ~~ Happiness is within us and thank you Andi to have held my hand for just a little part of my journey towards living more happily and more lovingly deep inside of me!



I initially approached Andrea to work with my 15-year-old daughter who is struggling with severe depression and anxiety. After only one meeting with my daughter, Andrea gave me an insight that was life-altering. We then switched gears, instead focusing on my perception of my daughter’s illness/ wellness, and on my ability to be whole regardless of where she was in her journey. This realization has allowed me to find peace within myself and in our home. I am eternally grateful to Andrea for lighting the way for me in my own personal journey.”

Karen Flannery

M.D Physician

Lee Vallely is amazing! His coaching is far better than any other, and I’ve been to gratitude training, various forms of hypnosis and NLP and other coaches in my life. My goal was to get into a loving relationship and it was not always an easy journey. But Lee was encouraging and persevered and held me accountable for my goals and actions. Within six months I met the love of my life, and we got engaged! I highly recommend him to anyone that needs to change their life!

Jennifer Garcia

Clinical Licensed Therapist

Tuesday’s group coaching has honestly become my favorite day of the week. Andi & Lee have truly helped me find clarity and happiness unleashing a new perspective on my life. I am forever grateful to my beautiful new friends for helping my heart heal and learn to love myself. I highly recommend coaching or a weekend with Lee & Andi regardless of where you think you’re at on this journey of life- thank you Andi & Lee for enhancing my journey! xo

Caitlin Lockard

National Account Manager