Create Your Best Life Story

 Create Your Best Life Story



Welcome to Your New, Best Life Story!!

We are so excited for you! We know how powerfully transformational this course truly is. Not only because of what it has created in our lives, but also the countless students that have taken this course in the past.

Please please take your time. You probably will want to skip the parts that initially feel awkward, negative, or even unnecessary. But please trust us when we say that we have taken out all of the fillers in this course. So when there is an exercise to do, you can absolutely rest assured that there is a reason why this exercise is included.

Enjoy your new best life story, and watch your life transform before your eyes for the better…..

Let’s go…….


Where are you now? Let’s get the story on paper, and allow it to unfold into your own, personal masterpiece! Go ahead, don’t edit…just write.


Our eyes are not camera lenses, they are more like projectors of our belief system.

This is the start of creating your new life. We now want to uncover the obvious and hidden beliefs that are preventing you from having the life that you want. Some beliefs may serve you, most won’t. They were created by a different you. A you where, perhaps these beliefs were relevant (or appeared to be at the time), but almost certainly will not be now. More likely, they may be to be harming you.

This takes a little soul searching, and will be sooo worth it. Awareness is key. In some cases it can be enough to break the hold that the belief has on you.

At the very least it exposes the belief.

Take your time, do the work. We promise you it will be worth it.


Sometimes the miracles in our lives go unnoticed. It’s time to unravel those miracles.

Once again, it’s time to dig into that story and start to notice; are there any situations, events, circumstances, that, had it not been for that situation, you may not have met a certain person, been in a place of work, or moved your residence? I had many AHA moments doing this exercise.

When we’re in the situation, it’s so hard to see any silver lining. However, when we take a look from a distance, we can sometimes find, as our coach Michael Neill often says “the kindness of the design”.

We would be very surprised if you don’t come up with at least one situation where, in hindsight, was actually a good thing.

Have you ever had a relationship that ended, and at first you were devastated? Yet now you look back and say to yourself “what was I thinking?!!”

Have fun with it. Life is too important to be taken seriously.


This is where you get to dream, then make those dreams a reality.

What would life be like without your story?

A lot of people (myself included, originally), say that their story made them who they are. And yes there is some merit to that. But we can learn from our past –without holding onto ghosts and limiting beliefs. Those stories are merely made up; and are not serving us, or humanity.

So imagine you can take the learnings from the past, and leave the rest behind. You can create a new story going forward as the hero, rather than the victim. That sounds harsh and I would not have appreciated someone calling me a victim. But the reality is that if we are allowing our past to dictate our future, then we are in victim mode.

It’s time to take charge, not control because we cannot dictate what happens in the future, but we can dictate and have total control of who we are. We are not talking about titles and status, we are talking about your code of conduct. What will you stand for? What are your new beliefs and values?

Who are you? It is time to dream!!

Imagine the story of your life as the hero. What will you do? Who will you be? Who is by your side? (It seems to be a universal law that people want to help those who help themselves.) What is the story of you, the hero? Make it compelling. Make it so compelling that you cannot wait to make it happen. And happen it will.

You’ve Got This!


Time to be the change by becoming that very person that you always were, but weren’t able to Be. The Subtle Art Of Acting as If:

Be the change…

This looks, on the surface, as, a superficial exercise. Yet when you really embrace this exercise, you will feel emotions that you maybe never even realized that you had. Just like top actors, this exercise is not something that you do once or twice and you’ve mastered it.

Have you ever seen a really bad actor? They either over dramatize so the character is completely unbelievable, or they are wooden, literally like they’re reading from a script. This is not even acting, it’s what people misinterpret as “faking it till you make it”. Faking is false, acting is becoming real, which is a huge distinction. When you are faking it, once no one is looking, you take off the mask and go back to “being yourself”.

But this is a belief system, because that “self” is learned behavior, not a true representation of who you are. “Acting as if” takes total commitment. Once you decide, then all other ways of acting do not exist for you. This is not a nice little exercise, but a life changing experience. So commit to being this person, oh… just for the rest of your life! You will slip up. Actors slip up constantly, and keep improving, until the “character” is not just easy to play, but is who they are. Go easy on yourself. This is a lifelong commitment and will take some energy and practice.

The payoff for this effort is having the life that you have always dreamed of. Or maybe you didn’t even allow yourself to dream, because you “knew” it wasn’t possible for you. It Is!! You’ve got this!


Congratulations! You made it.

Now, if you are feeling nervous that you haven’t made the change yet, be assured that most people feel that way at first. Remember, if you know how to drive, how it felt when you first passed your test? If you were anything like me, you thought they were crazy allowing you to be on the road all by yourself. Ok maybe that actually was just me, but you get the idea hopefully?

It does take time to get this into your system so that it feels natural. But just like driving, or learning to ride a bike, or learn a new language, it will feel weird at first. Just keep with it. Eventually you wont know any other way to be than the person that you were meant to be.

Please download the summary sheet as a reminder of the steps we went through.

The meditation will really help to reinforce these changes within you.

You don’t need to do anything but relax and listen. Even if you fall asleep it’s ok, because the meditation is speaking to your unconscious mind.

Listen to the mp3 twice daily initially for 14 days. TheN once a day for 7 days. After that use as and when you like.

There’s controversy about the time it takes to create a habit, however, as a simple rule of thumb, we are going by the idea of 21 days being sufficient to, at least start a good habit of having this way of thinking embedded into your subconscious.

This is just a recommendation however, so do as much, or as little as you feel is right for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. And check out our other courses and offers here.

We wish you every success, and we know that you will Be The Change That You Wish To See

Take Care and Enjoy!