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“Andi and Lee are my happiness angels.” 

Caitlin L

You have absolutely everything you need to create the life of your dreams. So why haven’t you?

Unlock the astonishing truth: within you lies the ultimate GPS system, your untapped potential to create the life of your wildest dreams. No longer bound by external stressors, imagine a world where managing conditions becomes a thing of the past, and contentment is your constant companion. Through the inside-out understanding, experience a profound paradigm shift that liberates you from the whims of circumstance. With every step, even those that seem like backward moves, you’re firmly on the path to your true destination—a life of boundless fulfillment and success

Andi & Lee have changed my life for the betterment of myself and everyone in my life. They get to heart of matter quickly and painlessly. I no longer have “problems” I now see my life as a beautiful, amazing journey with ups and downs that I can navigate with ease and optimism. I would still be stuck if it wasn’t for their gentle guidance, compassion and intuition on how to help me get out of my own way. I am now truly empowered to be and feel my very best no matter what is happening around me. I love them with all my heart and I am forever grateful for their love and support.

Nicole Valentino

Spa Director

I flew all the way from Boston, not just for the nice Florida weather but for the Shift Happens weekend with Andrea & Lee. It was so worth it! In just the first day I had a breakthrough, shedding away some of my old thinking. And this is after years of therapy. I learned how to lead with compassion for others and most of all myself! Thank you so very much for the amazing weekend, I’d so come back again!

Kim Douglas

Philadelphia radio personality, Real Estate Agent

Times may be tough but your approach to life doesn’t have to be! If you’re like me and feeling sad, stuck or sour about any aspects in your life right now, don’t even consider giving up or giving in to your low grade thoughts!

With Andrea’s help, you’ll soon realize the tools you already possess to be the bouncer in your very own “club of life”. Learn how to dismiss, dispel or distract yourself from overwhelming negative thoughts. Effectively filter the noise in your mind and experience freedom of thought again…or for what feels like the very first time!

Paige Bresky

Multimedia Marketing Specialist

I reached out to Andrea Vallely on the verge of a crisis. I felt stuck and held hostage by my thoughts… I could not escape my negative thinking. I was considering going to a psychiatrist, but only after the 1st session, I knew I made the right decision! Andrea’s genuine and caring approach met me exactly where I was! With her guidance and insight, I am already seeing personal progress and a shift in my life. I highly recommend Andrea for anyone seeking empowerment, looking to reach that “next level” in life! The biggest change that I saw was how peaceful my life became. I am free to surrender and live in the moment. I released the judgement of myself and others, and I am now empowered and vibrant! The 3 principals that Andrea shares is fundamental knowledge that helps take life to another level, and helps escape unhelpful thinking. I am so grateful for her guidance, I wish I would went to her earlier because it changed how I live my life completely.


Business Manager

The minute I met Andi I knew I was in good hands. She was this bright light with a beautiful smile ready to help me get through my troubles. Her technique was much more positive than I had ever had before. She inspired me and taught many ways to change the way I was dealing with my issues. Only after a few visits I was on my way to becoming switched in my line of thinking. I became more confident and it turned my Life into harmony and happiness.

She has me helped so much that she is now helping my son who is 27 years old and has always been chronically depressed. He in just a few weeks is starting to change for the better. His way of thinking and believing in himself is starting to show!

We are truly grateful to Andi for all she has done for our family! She is the VERY BEST!


“Buttercup” Davis