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Each month, we’ll have a life changing topic to keep you on track for your Quantum Leap! We’ll go LIVE one day a month for group coaching. Don’t be scared at the thought of group coaching.  It’s a live-cast where we will teach you how to improve your life in a specific area, and leave room for Q&A, similar to our group coaching format, which we ran in Delray on Tuesday nights. You can participate or watch the live-cast at a later date.  All of our content will be available for you at any time!

In addition, on the ‘non live’ weeks, you will receive separate, exclusive content from us, either a blog, personal video, article or ‘something to think about’ worksheet to continue to keep you on track, and practice your commitment to Quantum Leap Your Life.

 Are you ready for a change?  You just made one!  Yippee!  

To get you started, we have included a short video from our CBS weekly segment on Quantum Leaping Your Life, and in your bonus section, you’ll find the Enneagram pdf. to fill out at your leisure to learn your Enneagram type.  We love the Enneagram.  Why?  Instead of putting us in a box (like most personality tests) it actually shows us how to get out of the box! Please watch the video please instructing you how to fill out the form.  When you are finished, email us with your conclusion, and we will send you a short video telling you about your type.  And, you can go check out the Enneagram Institute to learn more as well.  

Much love,
Andi and Lee


Lesson 1: We live in a world of thought

The Three Fundamental Principles that create our human experience:

Nothing is outside of us.  The world as we perceive it only exists in one place, and that is our mind.  We experience the world through thought in the moment, brought to life by consciousness, within the backdrop of mind (the universe).  Once we understand that the world which we believe is outside of us, solely exists from within, we are no longer at the mercy of our circumstances.  And we find there is no need to control others, or manipulate the world to experience happiness.  It all comes from within.   With this understanding, we feel lighter, more lighthearted, and we no longer take our thinking so seriously.  We don’t have to act on our feelings, we know they will pass.  

These fundamental principles, mind (universe) thought and consciousness are the basis of everything we share.  They are the foundation of our talks, understanding, and intuitive guidance.  

Please watch the video, where we go into more depth about the principles, so you can have a deeper understanding of our time together.  We promise, this understanding is a complete game changer.  We use these principles every day, and yet most of us are completely unaware that our experience of life is through our projector, not a camera.   We do not see a ‘photo’ of life, we project our interpretation of life via our thinking in the moment.  THAT changes everything.  Think about it;).

We also encourage you to take a look at the books in our resource section.   Any one of them will give you a understanding of the principles as well.  And, please leave any comments or questions you may have, and we’ll be sure to respond promptly.

Lesson 2: The Four Agreements

Monthly Live Cast Archives

Living in Separate Realities

In this live-cast we discuss the truth of living in separate realities.  No one person sees their experience in life the same as another. 

In fact they are as unique as a fingerprint.

Knowing all of our experiences are subjective allows us to let go and release the need to have others see our point of view in order to be happy.

One Simple Solution to Solve Any Problem

If we could see the end of the movie, we would cause less trouble for ourselves, and take the pressure off of others.

Relationships In a Nutshell

Learn the 6 myths of relationships as well as the simplicity of having great relationships in every area of life.

Recap, the 6 myths are:

  1. Love is blind……

  2. It’s vital to be compatible……….

  3. You must communicate your problems……

  4. Never go to sleep without resolving an argument…..

  5. If you’re not “fighting”, then you’re not going deep in your relationship……

  6. We will be happy when our circumstances change…..

Remember we are not promoting this, these are myths, and we go into detail as to why this is, and what is a better way to think about relationships, in all areas of your life.

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to write in the comments section πŸ™‚

De-Stress Your Life

This webinar is about less stress and more resilience.

We discuss combatting overwhelm, how to live a peaceful life regardless of outside circumstances, and creating healthy relationships at work and home.

Positive Thinking vs. Positive Attitude

Living with Less Stress and More Engagement

Stress doesn’t exist!!!

It sure feels like it though. So how do you overcome this illusion of stress? This is this months discussion.

As always please send any comments and/or questions πŸ™‚

WTF I Mean What the Heck are the Three Principles?

What the heck are the three principles?

We give our take on something that is indescribable, yet with just a little understanding, this knowledge can completely transform your life for the better, so that you are no longer at the mercy of your circumstances.

We have added a bite size audio as well for your convenience

Thoughts are Like Teachers with No Control

Don’t let them fool you. your thoughts have no control over you, yet they are very good at making you believe that they do.

Any questions please leave and lets discuss πŸ™‚

Daytime Livecast on Resilience

This livecast was open to the public, however we only keep the recording in our membership. This was another look at resilience with some new questions and comments from the audience. The theme is so simplistic, yet, when we can really see where resilience comes from, we can start to not be afraid of living full out.

As always please send us your questions if you have any, or comment below πŸ™‚

Wisdom Verses Intellect

Isn’t it amazing that Einstein came up with the relativity equation by floating around an atom in his imagination. Is genius having a huge intellect, or is it tapping into infinite intelligence of mind? i:e Wisdom

October 7th, 2019

Mixed bag of topics, mainly how angry Andi gets, It’s not pretty πŸ™‚

Be You. There’s No Better Person to Be

You may recall that we spoke about being the diamond, covered in s@#t,

and with nail polish to hide it. Yet it’s so scary sometimes to realize that we are enough, and all the self help, personal growth bull…..I mean stuff, is actually taking us further away from our true selves.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

We are always happy to help wherever we can.

November 26th, 2019

Learn how to show up without the preconceived ideas, and really be able to be yourself. Who’s that? Good question. Lets ask the cat πŸ™‚

December Joy

Where does joy come from? Where will we find that joy that we all seek?

On this live cast that’s where πŸ™‚

Change Your Life Through a Simple Understanding

How would you like to improve your health? Reduce stress? Improve your income? Be more successful in every area of your life?

Heres how πŸ™‚

Women’s Well Being Circle April 9th FREE Live-Cast with Andi and Del

This is the recording from the free webinar Del and Andrea did on April 9th.  The focus is on understanding that we are not at the mercy of the world, we are at the mercy of our thinking.  And when we look beyond that misunderstanding, there is freedom.

Women’s Well Being Circle April 16th FREE Live-Cast with Andi and Del

Andi and Del share what’s coming up for the group, adjusting to the pandemic, relating to our families, and handling close relationships with care.

April 28th

We’ve kept this shorter and to the point for easier watching and listening πŸ™‚

Insights are the ultimate learning experience. By far they outweigh any intellectual learning because they bypass the physical to a knowing that will not leave you. So you never need to relearn.

How You Show Up is How Your Life Becomes

Why the heck do we get in our own way? Because we tend to, generally, show up without agenda. Or rather, not realizing the agenda that we have.

July 14th

We introduce, yet again, the diamond, as a great metaphor for how we are not broken, yet we are constantly trying to fix something unbroken. You know the phrase ” if it aint broke dont fix it” listen in and find out what that means.

August 25th – Negative Beliefs are an Illusion

Your innate well being is always accessible. Most of us innocently look outside of ourselves to find our peace of mind…the “I’ll be happy when”  pattern. It’s innocent because our construct thinks we need people, places or things to be happy, so it has no clue we are already whole.  Enjoy this live-cast and explore the possibility that our negative beliefs are an illusion.  

Less Stress More Engagement: Part 2

edit text here

Anxiety is unstoppable!!!! Unless we just don’t give it power

Edit text here

How to Deal with Anxiety

Andi and Lee discuss the truth about anxiety, how to lesson its affects, and see what’s really happening under the discomfort.

January 4th, 3PGC Grounding Group, discussions around Sydney Banks’s work, Second Chance, and the importance of grounding.

Back to Basics! Life changes, aging parents, and the simple truth that continues to apply to all circumstances, even our exceptions, we live in the feeling of our thinking. We get to give meaning to whatever we choose.

Healthy Relationship Podcast Series

Reducing Overwhelm

What is overwhelm? How do we dispel it, or at least reduce it?

Watch the video and listen to our  5 minute podcast where we address these questions.

And let us know your questions, thoughts etc β€¦

Don’t Worry Be Healthy

Don’t be so serious…… life is way too important to be taken seriously, so grab your coffee(or tea), and listen to a few ideas on how to really enjoy a healthy life.


Spread Happy (smile, and the universe smiles back)

Steps to creating a joy-filled life, for you & those around you


Healthy Relations

Learn how to get along with yourself and others. Play nicely πŸ™‚

Inner Wisdom

All the great Gurus and Sages of our time say ” You must Look Within”.

Yet thats the last place we tend to look.

Listen to this short podcast on how to make your dreams come true πŸ™‚

Separate Realities

Stay in Your Lane

Insanity to Sanity

Take a quick look at this video reminding us that what we are looking for is right in front of us.  A quiet mind sees it, a busy mind looks for it.


We all have the innate ability to bounce back.  It’s learned behavior to ruminate on what went wrong and to keep it alive.  Like a child, we can move on quickly when we let go of old stories and worry.

Stop Running and Start Living!

Life gets better when the inside changes.  We experience life from the inside out. Our outer world gets better as a consequence when we look within for the answers.  Our innate wisdom will always guide us down the right path.

Clearing ALL the Clutter

We all have heard of, if not done, the spring clean.

Isn’t it amazing that you can sometimes determine how “busy” someone’s mind is by how much stuff they accumulate in their closets and cars?

We address in this podcast, how clearing the clutter mentally, physically and spiritually, will help you access a clearer, healthier mind, body and soul.

Again please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or leave a comment πŸ™‚

Process VS. Goals

Enjoy the journey.  Often we are so focused on getting to the end, we completely miss what is available to us along the way. 

Do What You Love and Enjoy the Journey

Another Fantastic (not that we are biased) podcast.

We are talking about the combination of a hairband and immersing yourself into whatever you are doing. You dont need to be saving the world every minute of the day to have a productive and fun filled life.

Enjoy, and of course please leave any comments or questions that you may have  πŸ™‚

PMA Verses Positive Thinking

We hear this mantra to think positive, but how can you think positively when all hell’s breaking loose? Dunno,

oh okay we do really. Listen in on how you can develop your PMA skills πŸ™‚


Why oh why do we complicate so many things, especially our lives? No wonder we feel constantly under pressure, or at least a lot of the time.

It’s time to simplify your life. Not by clearing the clutter, well maybe a little in your mind, but were not getting you to spring clean your house or anything πŸ™‚

As always, please leave questions or comments and we will answer ASAP or even sooner πŸ™‚

The Answer Is…

Imagine getting out of the way of your  belief of reoccurring patterns and living your life as if you were giving advice to your best friend or a buddy.

We find it so easy to see where others get stuck yet rarely do we see it in ourselves because were “in It”

Living the Game of Life

This is the longest podcast so far as its actually from one of our mentors, dr George Pransky.

He explains the difference in living and playing the game of life. Although geared toward business, it is relevant to all aspects of life. This is a podcast that we advise you to listen often, and like a piece of music (actually we recommend you listen to all our podcasts that way)

and maybe do what we do and listen just before sleep. We have purposely left the ending blank so that you can easily fall asleep to this.

Let us know what you think, and we know the it is not going to be an easy, intellectual understanding, but the less attached you are of “getting it” the faster you will find that you do.

Sweet dreams πŸ™‚


Instagram Live Videos

These videos are taken from Lee’s Instagram account.

Each one is about 5 minutes and are simple reminders that we can follow on a daily basis.

Have fun with them, maybe watch one each day as a little action step.  We are here to serve, and want you to have the best  possible life for you. So if there is a way we can make that happen on this membership site, then please, let us know any recommendations, or even comments or questions that you may have.

Keep in touch x

CBS TV Segments

Here are a handful of clips from our CBS segments.

Rise and Live with Roby and Suze

Here are a handful of clips from our Rise and Live segments.

Live Coaching

This is the first coaching session saved as a video.

Notice the ease at which the conversation flows, and the simple pointing to the cause of our human experience unlocks the mind to see whats possible.

If you blink you may miss the magic taking place πŸ™‚

This session was actually an hour long, however we have condensed it down to 30 minutes for your sanity and kept the relevant info.

Again remember, as you will see in our conversation, it is never in the words, It’s in the insight of the person.

You will also learn how to easily coach yourself to create the deeper understanding for yourself.

Enjoy πŸ™‚ xx

Enneagram Personality Test

This is the Enneagram. Much like a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, the Enneagram gives you insight into where your personality goes when it is stressed, as opposed to healthy.  The Myers-Briggs puts you in a box, where the Enneagram shows you the way out.  Love it!  We have found it a fabulous tool in understanding our triggers, and pointing us in the direction of home. We all want to get to the same place, peace within ourself, and it’s helpful to be able to ‘catch’ our personality ‘acting up’, and be able to take a step back before we act, and notice our behavior.  When we’re stressed, the best thing to do is refrain from taking action, and this gives us a guide to see our personality in action, and make a healthy decision.  

This will take you about an hour to complete. Answer the questions as best you can from the mindset you had in your late teens, early twenties. You may be very different now, that’s OK.  In order to get the most accurate reading, you’ll want to be very specific in your thinking at that time in your life.  

Add up all of your A’s, B’s C’s etc…and fill out the grid at the end. The numbers will align with a personality type.  We recommend looking at a You-Tube with Russ Hudson on your type.  (Typically the videos are less than two minutes), and if you have any questions, please email us. We can help you learn how this information can help you experience the healthiest version of you!

Recommended Books, Videos & Podcasts

People ask us all the time to recommend books, YouTube videos, and podcasts.  Below, you’ll find our favorites!


  • The Inside Out Understanding, Michael Neil

  • Somebody Should Have Told Us, Jack Pransky

  • The Relationship Handbook, George Pranksy

  • The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

A two page must-read, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying