Shift Happens for Students

There is one single factor that determines the success of your school. It affects everything from grades to behavior, teacher enthusiasm, student engagement, social culture, peer-relations, truancy, and parent satisfaction.

The one single factor is the emotional health of your students.

The need to address emotional health has never been greater than it is today, and Shift Happens for Students is the answer to that need. By teaching the true mechanics of how our minds work, this groundbreaking eight-week program instills the life-changing understanding that we do not need to act on our thinking. Schools and organizations all over the world today have the potential to become bully free zones, and leave the crippling issues of fighting, peer-aggression, and poor self-esteem in the past. It is a simple fact of nature that middle-and high-school-age children will experience fluctuating emotions that create a proclivity toward impulsive and reactive behavior. Exposure to this paradigm-shifting program will enable your students to understand these emotions when they arise allowing them to respond in positive, healthy ways. In a world that feels increasingly scary, your students will know that their innate wellbeing is always within easy reach. They will learn better, improve their socialization skills, stay engaged, and create a culture of peace, positivity, and goodwill within your school.

This eight week virtual and in-person curriculum is now available for your school!

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Our program produces unbelievable results: 68% increase in managing stress well, 59% increase in remaining calm during stressful situations and a 57% jump in overall happiness among students.

Imagine students being more engaged, happier, and grade point averages rising.
This eight-week Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program teaches the true mechanics of our minds and how they work, and has been proven to provide middle-school and high-school students, their teachers, and their schools.

  • A glimpse at what’s on offer:
  • Clarity of mind
  • Improved decision making skills
  • Higher GPA
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Freedom from chronic stress and moodiness
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

Join us for a tailored, proven successful program for youth to help them function at their highest potential, and get out of their own way, with less stress and more engagement in life.

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Before the program I had so much anxiety, and now I don’t have to carry situations everywhere I go. Now I handle things a lot better.


Middle school student

It really inspired me to feel better about myself and not be so trapped in my head.


Middle school student

This program is MORE IMPORTANT than math, and I don’t say that about anything. It is imperative that you bring this into our classrooms,

Cynthia Seely

Somerset Academy middle school teacher