11 Tips to Happiness!

by | Apr 21, 2012

Each day I encounter many things that inspire me to share what I have learned.  When people ask me what I do, and I reply “spread happiness”, the next question is usually, “what does that mean?”  Understandably so!

It means I encourage people to look within themselves to discover their natural, inherent joy.  Our natural joy doesn’t judge, doesn’t put conditions or goals on our happiness, and is content today, as-is.  So here are a few tips to happiness, what I find has inspired me to spreadhappy!

  1. Forgiveness.  We must forgive to truly enjoy life, and live life free of sorrow.  When we hold a person (including ourselves) in a position of anything less than love, we carry that with us, and it affects all aspects of our life.  We carry it into our other relationships, subconsciously.  If we are holding a grudge against someone, that frustration and anger affects others we come in contact with, it changes how we perceive our life, and all that are in it.  It binds us and holds us back from truly loving another fully, and loving our selves.  I once heard Deepak Chopra say, “It is like holding your breath.  You eventually suffocate”.  Enough said.

  2. Non Judgement.  To be truly happy, we must release judgement against others and ourselves. This can be challenging, as most of us were taught about judgement at a very young age.  Remember “if you don’t do your homework, your teacher will be disappointed”?  That is judgement.  We carry that with us into adulthood, and think that judgement brings us power.  But actually, it is the opposite.  Judgement holds us back from seeing the beauty in everyone, and everything.  People and situations change every day, but if we judge them, we never get the opportunity to experience wonder and greatness, because we are holding ourselves back, and making false assumptions.  If we live our life without judgement, and choose acceptance, we open ourselves up to love and miracles!

  3. Self-acceptance.  When we accept ourselves as we are at this moment, we leave room for miracles.  (I am big on trusting in miracles!) Only when we stop criticizing ourselves, and saying ‘I’ll be happy when”, do we open ourselves up to love.  We are perfect beings of love and light, no matter how we look, what we are wearing, what kind of degree we have, or how much we earn.  We are perfect now. There is nothing wrong with having goals, but the key is to enjoy the experience.  If we stop ourselves from being happy until we achieve something, we will  never fully experience happiness, as we will always be searching for the next goal to accomplish, instead of enjoying the journey!

  4. Release the ego.  The ego is insatiable, never satisfied, as simple as that! The ego is always working, never resting, never peaceful.  The ego doesn’t understand that we are perfect beings of light and love.  The ego makes us mad, judges others, and experiences dis-satisfaction.  The ego is gluttonous.  When we recognize that our ego is making decisions for us, and not pleasant ones, we understand the thoughts are not real, and we can then tell the ego to take a hike.  very powerful;)

  5. Put down your racquet!  A.K.A….live your life in defenselessness.  When we live our life in defenselessness, we stop volleying a ball back and forth that is never going anywhere.  By constantly defending our name, we are adding fuel to a fire, and building something full of negative energy.  When you truly come from your heart, and make decisions centered in love, you have no need to wave your flag, and defend your honor.  You know who you are, and you stand tall like a tree, never wavering, understanding that all that matters is what’s in your heart.  we waste a lot of energy trying to prove our point.  Imagine if we walked away from arguments, and choose love and understanding!

  6. Live from your heart.  When in doubt, ask yourself if your heart could talk, what would it say?  When you live from love, you experience happiness!

  7. Be open to miracles!  expect them!  miracles happen everyday, and when we recognize them, they happen even more frequently.  As soon as we start expecting the best, and stop assuming outcomes, we open ourselves up to the wonder of life!  I call it getting in the gap.   Let go of past conditioning, and see life through the eyes of love.

  8.  See only love.  When we begin to understand that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have, it makes it much easier to forgive, accept, understand, and see the beauty in everyone and everything.

  9. Trust! Know that everything in life is a gift!  When we embrace this way of seeing, we are comforted.  Just knowing that life is just a series of experiences, or accessories as I call them, is simply put, trusting!  When we trust that everything happens for a reason, and for our greatest good, life flows effortlessly.  And what used to weigh us down becomes light, and transforms to love.  Trust and have faith!

  10. Be grateful! So often we forget all the beautiful gifts we are given.  When we are in a state of gratitude, we attract more to be grateful for!  Express your gratitude, let others know you are grateful for their company, love, friendship and companionship.   A heart felt thank you goes a long way, and feels so good to give.

  11. Follow your heart!  Live your dream and cast fear aside!  Remember, the only thing that ever gets in our way is our own thoughts, so trust and believe in yourself, and the world will mirror that back to you!

written from my heart with much love and many blessings…Andi