A Thank You for Talia

by | Jun 18, 2013

I am back from a wonderful week in the French countryside with author, Mark Matousek and a very special group of writers. WOW!! Trying to put the experience into words is hard to describe. I felt serenity while in the company of this group. We bared our souls, some stories heart-wrenching, some just unfolding. Somehow the most prevalent theme for me in all of this deep work was peace, calm and a stillness. I don’t experience this complete state of being very often. My wish for myself is that I bring this feeling home with me and incorporate it into my daily life.


I realized the theme is all around me. In fact, it’s literally in my house. Suddenly things I did not notice before stood out. One picture in particular that I have in my kitchen blew me away. My daughter drew it a few months ago, and I thought it was beautiful…but I suddenly noticed the words she had written in pencil at eight years old across the top of the page. They read, “happiness-peace-love- the happy is in you- the peace is in you- you are the love” word for word. Yes, my little girl reminds me of our truth. This blows me away. I guess my lesson is that what I am looking for is always around me. The answer is written on a lovely piece of artwork by my third grader. This post is for you, Talia Ilyse. I love you and honor you. Thank you for showing up and reminding me that feelings we covet are within ourselves.