An Evening with the Captain

by | Apr 3, 2013

A week ago my husband, my daughter and I went on a cruise for spring break. In all honesty, I was not terribly excited about it. I have been quite busy with my work and was feeling in the groove, not particularly ready for a break!

I was aware that I was supposed to get on the ship. The plan was quite clear. You see, we had only booked the cruise three weeks prior, and we were told we booked the last cabin on the ship available for three people. (The Royal Suite was available, but we are not in the Royal category…yet. WINK!) Of course I thought this was a sales technique to inspire us to book right away which we did, but I did some snooping on the internet and it was clear their were no other cabins available. We had booked the last one.

As it turns out, the cruise was exceptionally fantastic. We met engaging people at every turn. The coincidences were stacking up at a jarring rate!

My favorite story is about the Captain of the ship. It begins in a cafe’ on a Thursday evening after dinner. My husband likes a cappuccino to top off his meal, and there happened to be a very lovely cafe’ on the ship. Most nights after dinner we would stop by for dessert before heading to the jazz club. On this particular evening, I saw two gentlemen sitting together in the Cafe’ wearing uniforms. Clearly they were officers of the ship. At the time, the thought didn’t cross my mind who they might be. I only knew by their attire that they would be full of interesting information, so I asked if I could sit with them. I had questions about the ship. They very kindly obliged. I was planning on quizzing them about the mechanics of the ship which I find fascinating, when I realized they were not wearing name tags and I had no idea how to address them. I pointed this out. And honestly, to my surprise, I had invited myself to sit with the Captain and the Staff Captain. Yep. Typical of me to not have a clue that I am rubbing elbows with the head honchos. After I got over my embarrassment of my cluelessness…I found that we had quite a lot in common. I can’t even imagine how we got on the subject, but suddenly we were having the most engaging conversation about life, love, and our destiny in this lifetime.

The Captain and I had read many of the same books. It turns out he is an avid reader and studies the works of Ekhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. Our conversation turned to discovering our life-lessons, our purpose, and our spiritual beliefs.

I had just received Dr. Robert Holden’s new book LOVEABILITY in the mail before the cruise. I brought the book with me but had not yet cracked it open. I knew this book was meant for the Captain. I asked the Captain if he had read any of Robert Holden’s work. He had not, and I asked him if I could gift it to him. During the course of our conversation, the Captain asked me what I did when I was not on a cruise ship. As I told him of my own purpose and handed him my card, he stated ‘Like attracts like, and their are no coincidences. I guess this is the book I am meant to read next, and pass it along, as you are doing for me.‘

The next day I met the Captain and handed him the book. (Luckily Barnes and Nobel had it in stock when I got home, and I am reading it now.) The Captain invited my husband and I for a private tour of the bridge while the ship was at sea. It was an incredible experience. One I will never forget.

I asked the Captain how he came to acquire this position. He very simply told me that he believes in our ability to manifest our desires. He left home when he was eighteen to travel the world, and he never looked back. He shares this coveted position as Captain of a luxury liner with 200 others. He is proud of his accomplishment, and credits his journey to fulfilling his destined role in this lifetime. What a cool guy…