Be Childlike

by | May 11, 2011

In childhood, not too much bothers us.  We are carefree, full of hope, and incapable of doubt.  We believe we can fly, be superheroes, and conquer all.  Sadly, this dream diminishes as we get older, and we become blocked and conditioned to feel in-adequate, not good enough, and embrace fear.  The truth is we are all superheros, we all have the capacity to create any lifestyle we want, if we embrace that childlike attitude.  The only thing that stops us from living the life we dream of is ourselves.  We get in the way with ‘I can’t’, ‘that will never happen’, and ‘that’s impossibe’.  If we can remember to have faith and trust that if we keep ourselves focused on our dreams, and work hard to manifest them, they do come true.  It’s not as simple as wishing on a star, we do have to take action.  But it’s about believing in ourselves, and trusting that if our intentions are pure and for the greater good, anything is possible with focus, passion, and trust.  Sometimes a little setback or disappointment is all we need to plow ahead, make the shift, feel empowered and manifest our dreams.  You can succeed by believing in yourself, trusting in faith, and being a leader.  When we are children, other peoples opinions are week, and discarded because we truly believe in ourselves.  We are superheros!  Be childlike, believe and trust in your own power and let go of others opinions or past conditioning.  You don’t have to see the end of the pathway, only the beginning.  If you believe the answers will come, the path will be made, and the journey will be enjoyed.  Embrace your strength!  Be childlike.