Choose Happiness

by | Feb 9, 2012

The phrase “I am happy” seems so trite and insignificant, and yet, it is so incredibly powerful. Truly our happiness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the world. Happiness leads to greater health, greater wealth, better relationships, and attracts miracles. So why is it such a struggle for some to remain in a constant state of bliss? Why aren’t we all making happiness a priority? Imagine how much more magnificent the world would be if we all just settled down and chose happiness. Just for a moment, imagine that. Breathe it in and feel the peace this one simple thought allows. This thought is where magic happens. When we let go of worries, pain, anger, and past conditioning, we can enjoy this wonderful gift called happiness. Our struggle is that no one talks about the value of happiness. We tend to focus on getting things, or thinking that others will bring us peace, when the missing link is within ourselves. The facts are, in our society today we are conditioned to want more, to be unsatisfied, to be searching. We are conditioned to judge, hold grudges and get offended. We are conditioned to worry. And what good does this do us? None at all. It draws us apart from our neighbors, it causes anxiety, sickness, financial struggle, all the things we don’t want. So why do we keep putting ourselves through this pain? It makes no sense, but the sad truth is that as a society we really don’t know any better. We have become a product of our past, our upbringing, where being ‘the best” matters, and job titles matter and where your kids go to school matters. But these things really don’t matter. They are not what brings us joy. For a moment, think about your most joyful experiences. I’ll bet they had not much to do with what you had financially at that very instant. They probably had more to do with an experience of love with others. A great night with friends, a first kiss, spending an evening in nature. These are our true moments of joy, and they have nothing at all to do with where you went to school, what title is in front of your name, or how you looked in your outfit. My guess is those very precious moments became precious through relationships, and enjoying someone’s company.