Courage and the Soldier

by | Nov 20, 2012

Just a few days ago I was in New York City attending a course with Dr. Robert Holden, who’s work I have been following over the past year. This is my third experience in his company. Each of them have been transformational for me. The course I attended, “Coaching Success” is intended to open the door to such inquiries as, what is success?, and how do you measure it? What is your motivation for success? And of course, what can we do to bring more success (love)into our lives? All of these topics seem quite prevalent and important, and they are. But what I have found in my studies with Robert, is that I don’t know what I am going to the course for really, until my re-entry into society. Many people do go to these courses for the list and facts and figures which are tremendous, but I have found in my recent experience that the title of the course matters little, the surprises that turn into great lessons cannot be foreseen.
Imagine being gathered in a room of one hundred or so people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, ages, likes, looks and desires, and feeling one common bond. No matter what we all came to NYC for, the truth of it was love. We were all there to meet ourselves fully, in the most loving, safe environment, and experience love. I am fully aware that in our truest form we are love. Love is our natural state. We’ve just been hypnotized to think otherwise. There were profound moments during the course where our hearts were wide open listening to each-other. There was one man in particular who caught all of our attention.

There was a soldier who had traveled from Afghanistan to take the course. He had to keep this a secret from his buddies, of course. His story was amazing in many ways, one of which that he was still alive. He had been fighting for 20 years. He had made a career of fear and battle. His story was profound and brought us all to tears. His courage to speak up was remarkable, and I was seriously wondering when Oprah was going to walk on stage and invite him to her show. (Could be possible.  Robert has been a guest of the O’s and is a contributor for her magazine…so I the idea wasn’t too out-there.) There were a series of synchronized  events that evolved around this soldier and his stay in New York City. He was receiving strong messages. He had survived 20 years of battle. His survival is on purpose.
During the course I myself had been experiencing strong synchronized events…almost un-nerving. The messages were very loud and profound and were not meant to go un-noticed. After the course one night, I struck up a conversation with a stranger during dinner. I was eating alone and so was he. His name was Jon, and he asked me why I was in New York. I told him the story and it turns out Jon is very interested in true success. So much so that he carries a list in his pocket of the definition of success according to his mind, body and spirit, and what he does every day to keep himself in balance. Hmmm…what a coincidence. After a long talk, it turns our my new friend Jon is also a singer/songwriter who has written a song about solider who goes off to Afghanistan. The song is called “Chosen”. The coincidences go on and on. The evening was full of them. Without revealing too much of the soldier’s story, it was clear I had a serious message to deliver to the soldier, and I did so. I thanked my new friend Jon for his work as  messenger.

What was so amazing to me was that the soldier’s life was full of courage. His existence was courageous. His job requirement is courage. It is evident that the soldier has plenty of courage. And now it was time to re-direct this courage to his heart. “Take this gorgeous courage that is within you and give it to your heart” I said to the soldier when we spoke. No one goes through what he had endured just to get to the course, and leaves without seeing the world and themselves differently.  But his lesson was everyone’s lesson. We are all courageous in our own right. It is courageous to get up in the morning and live our lives, no matter how complicated or uncomplicated they may seem. It takes courage to be in the world.

I thought about this a lot. If I am full of courage already, why am I not as courageous with my heart? Why do I not trust in every moment?  I imagine to myself putting all of that energy to go into battle every day (so to speak) and re-directing that energy from fear to love.  Any self-doubt is fear, and I have certainly experienced self-doubt.  I think we all have at one time or another.  If that courage fuels my heart instead of my self-image(the doubting part), all I have to do is relax, trust and be my true self. When I let my true self out of the cage, I feel like a cute little puppy dog wagging it’s tail, ready for life with no expectations, no judgements and no fears. What a freeing, magnificent feeling that is!

So, for me, the soldier helped me to recognize what I was doing with my own energy, and also helped me to realize how courageous we all are. Thank you dear soldier. My prayer for you is for all of that magnificent strength you bear to filter into your heart, and for you to remember that you are love, and that all the support you require is within you. I will remember it too, and I thank you for showing up, dear friend.