Creating Your Best Life

by | Dec 31, 2017

My husband and I are geeks and really enjoy spending our free time doing the same thing we do in our profession. Exploring truth, self discovery, asking introspective questions, and taking a real true look out ourselves, what we want, and what may be stopping us.

We have a theme word for each year. The first year we began this now tradition in our home, the word was clarity. We got clear on what we wanted to for ourselves, and by the end of that year, we left our jobs where we were coaching and running self help groups and started our own transformational coaching and training company. Last year, as our word was fun, we finally took those latin dance classes we had been talking about, bought our beach chair membership and made the beach a priority, acted like a tourist in our own neighborhood, and made it over to Naples where we watched our dream come to life. We hosted our Shift Happens Weekend retreat which we created with love, and had a very successful transformational weekend for a group of amazing clients. This year, our word is simplicity.

That leads to the question, how can we simplify our life, get rid of clutter, and experience ‘less as more’?

The first step is clarity, as I mentioned earlier. Getting really clear on what is working and what is not, what is necessary and what is not, creates and simplifies life. Yum.

The second step is stillness. Getting quiet and listening to our own inner GPS. We all have every tool and all the guidance we need to create our best life. It’s a matter of trusting our own inner wisdom and paying attention. Yes, more of that please.

And the third suggestion is to live your life with passion. Do what you love and make that a priority.

Putting these three tips into play is a gentle plan to begin the year with authenticity and truth. It’s not overwhelming, and it’s just enough to begin a new year, have a fresh out look and get closer to a peaceful, guided life.