Dis-empowering Drama

by | Jul 9, 2018

Do you know people who thrive on drama? Something is always wrong in their life, they play the victim well? Drama actually produces an adrenaline rush, and can serve as pleasing and exciting. Unknowingly, a need is being fulfilled, and the drama serves a purpose, fills a void.

There are some in the world who seem to jump from one challenge to the next, always experiencing chaos, bringing close friends and family into the mix. They just can’t seem to ‘catch a break’. Others feel their bad fate is just the way it is, because they do not deserve anything better, or ‘this is typical of my life.’

Both are neither plagued or destined for a negative life experience. They are, unconsciously drawing these situations into their life, in fact creating them. Not by choice, in some cases by craving attention, enjoying the addiction of drama, and playing the role of victim. How do we dispel this unconscious action? First by recognizing that everything we experience is a manifestation of how we feel on the inside. If we feel lacking, we will experience lack. If we feel unworthy, we will experience circumstances that show us, ‘See, I’m not worthy. None of my relationships work out.’ If we feel we are not good enough, we will never get the job we want, relationship we want, or life experience we want. All of these stories begin on the inside, and are reflected right back to us. Yuck and yum…the yuck is the realization of our responsibility in life, yum is the hallelujah that we can change it.

The next step is to stop blaming the outside, and to look at our role in life as creators. Sometimes just by having the insight to see things on a deeper level, or the bigger picture, the healing begins, and we can begin to see the value in the lessons.

Many people living in drama are actually fearful of a life without it, especially in a family setting, where it holds much value to those who fear abandonment. With the drama comes an importance, and a guarantee of ‘you will never leave me’. Affection- seekers thrive on this and feel an indulgence in playing the victim role. That role actually becomes safe.

By stepping back and connecting the dots in our life, we begin to see more clearly. The good news is that with any situation, we can slow down, breathe, and wait to react before creating chaos. Life happens and sometimes it is unpleasant, and by taking action from a calm, internal living space, all drama can be defused when we choose peace, re-evaluate the drama’s role in our life, and begin to create space around it, rather than creating more of it.