Do you Believe??

by | Oct 22, 2013

Last week I sent an email to my friend and colleague in the spiritual healing arena Deirdre about getting together for a smoothie and a catch up. Deirdre Abrami is a 6th generation psychic medium who holds workshops and trainings for others looking to hone in on their own psychic abilities. Is it strange to have a friend who has this ability? Well, when you are having lunch with someone and they point out a stomach ache you didn’t admit you were having….OK..a little. But she is as cute as can be and full of life and so what if she has messages for me from past loved ones while we’re sharing a cup of tea. What’s so bad about that?

My innocent email led to me accepting her invitation to be a guinea pig for her students. She was giving a workshop this weekend and asked if I would like to come over to her house and be read by her students. They needed the practice and I had an open afternoon. Why not? You can always expect goodies at Deirdre’s house too. Of course when I got there she had a spread. No one should leave hungry!

I sat in her kitchen with a few other guinea pigs. I met a nice man from New York and of course we talked about food, a couple of lovely women, and D’s Aunt Joan—who is a hoot! I had no expectations what-so-ever and told D that if Spirit takes requests, I would like to hear from my cat Sam who passed this summer.

After some light nosh, I was called into the room full of hopeful mediums, some with very interesting information. All I did was give my name. I was told to give yes and no answers and keep my trap shut. (Not easy for me to do, by the way!) I smiled and observed and didn’t think much of it, until a few of the students mentioned a male energy. Both of my grandfathers had passed, and this to me was not so strange. One women was very intent on giving me more information. She told me my grandfather was very proud of me. Deirdre asked her student to ask Spirit his name. I almost fell off of my chair when this beautiful woman, all dressed in white with long white hair in a braid said, “Alex”. Alex was my mother’s father who passed when I was very young. I don’t remember him well, as he lived in Milwaukee and we lived in Philadelphia. We would visit twice a year, but my grandpop was sick at the end of his life, and I do not have memories of him in good health. I was in complete shock when she said his name, and tears poured down my face as I then felt him with me, shivers up and down my spine and my hair standing up on end.
I have always known there is more to life than meets the eye. My strong belief is what propelled me into my own studies, and now I encourage others to trust we are here for a much deeper reason than we may suspect.
I share this story in the hopes of giving comfort to those who may believe our loved ones are gone forever. I just don’t believe that is true. I trust when we speak to someone who has passed, they hear us loud and clear. I trust when we ask for hope, we receive it. I trust when we believe, our belief is confirmed. I trust we are spiritual beings doing the best we can in this lifetime.

As I close this entry, I receive another sign. My email dings and I my new message is entitled “Spirit Deals” from Spirit airlines. You can’t make this stuff up.