Empowering Your Life with Happiness

by | Apr 8, 2015

I am very blessed to be working with amazing people at Lifescape Solutions, a recovery center for addictions and traumas. The owners have built this loving space from the ground up, and in just a few years it has established itself as having one of the lowest re-lapse rates. They are doing quite a few things right! Where do I fit in? A happiness coach in a rehab center? This is a spiritually based recovery center where the owners are passionate about giving the clients the self-help tools to leave the center empowered, hence the low re-lapse rate. They have formed a team whose initiative is to find the missing link between recovery and RECOVERY, and empower the clients with the skills to be confident in the real world so they can handle what life brings them without using. One of the things that I emphasize as a happiness coach is self-help and self-love. It’s easy to get quite cozy here and become reliant on therapy, coaching, and all of the support available..but what happens when the bird is ready leave the nest? Fear, anxiety, the stress of the real world and responsibilities…those are all triggers for entertaining old habits, hence the need for self-help tools.

Happiness is our natural state when we give up our story. Self love is our ticket to freedom. When we love ourselves and recognize we are perfect just the way we are, with all our perceived flaws and inadequacies, we enhance our ability to live free from our judgements that tell us we are not OK…a BS story. That crazy BS story holds us back from living our best life, and holds us back from being truly available to love others. How can we love others if we don’t love ourselves? We can’t…at least we can’t do it authentically. One of the things we discuss in groups is the ability to recognize that self-love is our choice. When we stop judging ourselves all that is left is a clean palette open to love and peace. But who are we without our stories? This is a inquiry that begs us to get real and explore our truth. Our stories give us purpose and identity. And is this identity serving us or hindering us? If it’s hindering us from love, it’s time to create a new story. And since we are the authors of our life…what a fabulous tale we get to write!