Exploring Passion

by | Jul 28, 2013

I have been fortunate to study with author and teacher Mark Matousek http://www.markmatousek.com/. I first met Mark in the fall of 2012 at the Omega Institute. My dear friend Michelle asked me to join her for the weekend, and we both signed up for the class that interested us. Originally, I inquired about a class on public speaking, but the class was full. I knew that meant I didn’t need the coaching in that area. There was another reason I was going to Omega. I read through the other classes offered on the weekend of our trip, and was quite engaged with the course “ The Untold Story” by Mark Matousek. It was a writing course, and I figured it was about time I learned more about writing since I was spending so much time doing it. About a week before I took the class, life confirmed the writing course was the right choice. I had just been notified that my blog had made the “top 100 self help blog” list by the prestigious Institute of the Psychology of Eating. I acknowledged I was a writer.

The course “The Untold Story” had nothing to do with being a skillful writer. It had everything to do with exploring the real stories in my life. The ones I don’t even want to tell myself. I did blog about the experience (https://www.spreadhappy.net/blog/the-writer-s-retreat-an-exploration-of-happiness)* if you would like to read more.

I was inspired and curious about this new found teacher life had guided me to, and I began to take his on-line workshops after studying with him at Omega. I had the opportunity once again to study with him in person this past June in France. It was an incredible experience which I shared on my blog as well. [links no longer available*]

This week in another course I am taking with Mark the topic was passion, something we had tip-toed around before. The meat of the topic is so juicy, and so filled with wonder, desire and deep drive. It made me wonder why a lot of us stifle our desires and even ignore them, in fear that they are risky, devilish or forbidden. Rarely do we talk about our deepest desires, which provides our energy and zest for life. The topic seems to be greatly ignored. I thought about my daughter and my hope that I encourage her desires, respect them, and even engage her in exploring them. I wondered what makes those I am close with tick. I wondered if talking about our desires together is too deep an ocean to dive in…and why I would think that thought? Why do we allow our true desires to be diminished? Why don’t we have conversations regularly around our truest, deepest love and passion? My passion is participating in these conversations, exploring what makes us tick, and speaking authentically about our drive and the energy that sustains us, that life-force energy that makes us tick, our heart beat fast and our smile widen. Thank you Mark for opening my eyes to the meaning of passion and giving it the center stage that it deserves.

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