Finding Happiness with Smile TV

by | Mar 4, 2014

It’s been an amazing month with so much synchronicity, I think I want to write a song about it. I’ll tell you a story instead.

A few weeks ago my buddy, author David Mezzapelle Contagious Optimism had his first live production of his book series. It’s like TEDX on steroids, real people, real stories, inspiring music and amazing tales. What a way to spend the day! Lucky for me I met some incredible people who gathered to help create David’s vision.
Smile TV was on board for the event. As it turns out, Smile TV also had a hand in fundraising for Pursuing Happiness, the documentary in which I am proud to be an interviewee. So it looks to me as though the ‘smileys’ are destined to meet!

Of course, we fell hard for each other. Having a great passion for spreading joy and happiness makes us immediate best friends. What is most incredible to me about Smile TV, a network devoted to positive, inspirational news and programming, is it’s magnificent roots. I had a chance to chat with Sandy and Sherry, and their stories make me smile.

Sandy Pedeflous had a dream since she was a young girl, she wanted to bring happiness to network TV. Growing up her parents always watched the news, and every story was negative. Sandy found this a huge downer (who wouldn’t), and had a dream of bringing positive stories to the forefront. She became involved in the production industry in LA, and had a lucrative career. It’s very easy to stay the path when you are successful, but even the attractive paycheck couldn’t stop Sandy from pursuing her dream. She made a decision to go for it. She would bring her vision to life with the help of others who share her dream of making positive news and programming available to the public.

Along comes Sherry Hursey. A very successful actress whom you would recognize if you have turned on the TV at all in your life, and an award winning children’s show producer. Sherry has experienced fame, something many dream of their whole life. But even this tempting role was not enough for Sherry. She found she had a desire for more. A desire to help others, spread joy, and encourage people to trust, believe and have faith. Her purpose in life was in entertainment, but in a very different way then she had experienced. Sherry is full of love, and when I saw her on stage at Contagious Optimism Live! (of course Smile TV got on board with that!) I could feel her sincere, joyous presence. And truth be told, I just wanted to give her a hug. I did, by the way.

These two beautiful women are sharing joy with the world, and currently they are bringing their happy network to airports, doctor’s offices and hospitals. Their goal is to make their website the “go to” place for all things positive ( i.e.: videos, blogs, articles, books, music etc). Brilliant and thank you…is all I have to say.

I am so grateful to have met these two amazing women, and so grateful Sandy held onto her childhood vision, and made it a reality. I hope you will support this group, as the influence this programing can have on our own health and healing is endless.

What an inspirational story. For those who have a dream to live in a happier, healthier world, we can do it! We are all on the same team and together we can make a change.
By the way, the “happy” song is on in the background as I finish this post. Coincidence? I think not!

Support their YouTube channel! LOVE it!