Forgiving and Letting Go

by | Jan 30, 2015

OK…so I am working crazy hard on forgiveness. Posting forgiveness quotes for my benefit…walking around reciting a forgiveness meditation wherever I go…it’s not working. So I allow, allow myself to feel angry. Hey, it’s better than sad.

I have always been a very forgiving person, to the tune of becoming a professional doormat. When I finally realized becoming the healthiest version of me meant forgiving and letting go, I started to grow and experience growing pains. That’s what walking into our fear does for us. It allows us to face what frightens us, feel that discomfort stepping into new territory, and finally, become empowered. I love that Marianne Williamson speech, “Our deepest fear” which reminds me that playing small does not serve the world. It reminds me that I am here in this lifetime to face my fears, walk into the fire, and come out stronger, empowered, more comfortable in my own skin, and living my most authentic life.

I commit to living my most empowered life. Being angry only hurts me and the people around me that I love, because my anger reflects in my current relationships. It is serving no one, only hurting me. So here’s to LETTING GO, counting my blessings and stepping into my own power. All it takes is my own commitment and enough self-love to allow myself to love better, not take things personally, and live the most loving life I am ready to live today.