by | Nov 10, 2020

If something doesn’t feel authentic…if it feels forced in any way, I know it’s not coming from wisdom.

In looking in the direction of the principles we point to, I found myself getting caught up in the ‘do nothing’ concept. It is easy to mistake the ‘do nothing’ concept and take it literally. Not that I have ever had those bones in my body. As those who know me personally know…I don’t let grass grow under my feet, so to speak.

Lee and I are in a constant state of learning and continuing to deepen our own understanding as to how life works, and I did find myself questioning the idea of getting too specific and blocking myself from wisdom. And what I have found, is when something feels right, follow the breadcrumbs, full speed ahead.

We love what we do. We love guiding people to a deeper understanding of their true nature, and encouraging people to get more out of themselves then they see possible. It’s wonderful to assist others in finding or rediscovering their innate joy. What we’re looking for is always within us. We tend to look in the wrong direction to satiate ourselves. The self that wants to be satiated is the ego, our humanness that doesn’t recognize we are already perfect, and already have exactly what we need. It’s just an uncovering that we are truly desiring, not a re-build of a self that is already perfect.

Focus. My focus is mastering this in myself and mastering my craft, which involves constant engagement in continuing education, and self exploration. Its actually fun to see and know that we are already OK. We go through a lot of ups and downs, all kinds of emotions, and when we keep our eye on truth, FOCUS on what is fact, we see the OK-ness in all of our experiences. Life is good. Not always pleasurable, yet, always a learning, a growing, a deepening when you are willing to look in the direction of your own, natural, wellbeing.