by | Oct 22, 2011

I am so thankful to have the privilege of working with many beautiful people. I do notice a common thread…and the thread is a deterrent to happiness. We tend to make a  mistake, we focus on the negative. We focus on what is wrong in our lives, instead of what is right. And the law of attraction states that we manifest what we think about. So if we know this, why do we waste our precious thoughts drowning ourselves in our sorrows?
It’s human nature. When there is a drama, we talk about it, maybe even gossip, and stir the pot. All this does is make the situation muddier, and last longer. The trick is to take the focus away from something that makes us unhappy, and focus on what makes us happy! This wonderful tactic is truly life-changing. Instead of looking at what we view as ‘not-perfect’ (and that is a loose term) look at what we view as perfect! Perfect is a choice, it is a vision, a philosophy. It is one that I highly recommend adapting into your daily vision. Because the truth is everything in life is perfect, it’s as it should be…if you allow it to be so. Adapting this concept into your daily life and practice has the power to bring true happiness and contentment into your being. If you envision your world as always being on the right track, and believe in Divine timing, you will let go of the grip you hold so tightly…the one that blocks you from being content. the one that has so many rules about the requirements of happiness.  If you let go of that, you will experience your true self, and your true self is happy! We are born that way…and along the road we got some silly idea that there are rules and regulations to happiness. Not so. Happiness is freedom to be yourself, to accept the situations in life, smile at them, learn from them, be thankful for them, and be happy!