Happiness is Simplicity

by | Jul 22, 2012

“Life happens for us, not to us”- Robert Holden. I’m not a ‘regular’ on quoting others, but this phrase has had great meaning for me, and has helped me recognize the lessons in my own life. It has encouraged me to understand that every episode in my personal TV series is perfectly cast and directed for my growth, and helps me be a better mother, friend, wife, daughter and teacher. When we let go of ‘why does this happen to me” and exchange it for ‘what is the lesson for me”, we experience the gifts in life, and have the opportunity to learn and grow. It certainly makes life more exciting! The truth is, a lot of us cruise through life unaware of the lessons that we are experiencing. We don’t realize all that we are going through is for our own benefit, and something for us to appreciate. When we adopt this attitude, our world opens up, and allows possibilities flow. We open ourselves up to miracles. And miracles happen every day! And what is so fantastic, is that when we recognize the miracles (little things we call coincidences), and feel gratitude for them, they keep coming! We attract what we focus on, so why not attract more of the good stuff?