How do I find joy?

by | Jul 21, 2018

My client asked me. “There is nothing to find, it is within you,” the answer no one wants to hear. And it’s true. Joy is a state of mind. It is our natural state of mind.

I played a little game with myself this morning when I went to the beach after my 7am yoga ‘work in’ (rather than work out) as coined by the yoga instructor. I played the game, WOW. Yep. I just brilliantly named it. I imagined how I would feel, walking along the tiny, bohemian streets of Delray, headed to the beach, if I just plopped into my body, kinda like the quantum leap guy…with no attachments to the past, no limiting beliefs, just completely in awe of the current surroundings. Wow, I thought to myself. This is joy. I allowed myself to experience the gift of the present moment. Beach, agile body walking to the beach, hot sun on my skin, birds chirping. the aliveness of the morning, the awesomeness of the ocean.
When my client asked me how to find joy, I did give her some steps, as humans we like steps and we like plans with outcomes. Do I know we don’t need steps? Sure do. Do they come in handy as a guide at times? Sure do. So, I know it’s killing you….read on…here are the steps.

Acceptance. Whatever the situation may be, accept it rather than fight against it. Acceptance means I surrender to the now, I may have an intention to improve or change, if that is the desired outcome, and, I accept the situation as it is. Acceptance is the foundation to create, to begin again.
Presence. Be present. Our contentment is in the now, no where else. In the present moment, everything is OK. Anything that must get done will, and at present, we are safe.

Gratitude. Imagine the gratitude in most situations when we stop judging and comparing, get out of our way, experience what is. I felt tremendous gratitude this morning for many reasons. Yoga with my BF, we did the practice with our eyes closed…super cool, outdoor shower (always a plus) beach chair in car, always prepared for impromptu beach stops, Kombucha after yoga…yum, and the insight to recognize the joy.

Joy is our innate state without our story. It is presence. It’s the quantum leap moment of recognizing that we get to play this game, and how incredible our experience can be when we get out of our way.