How to be Happy in Life

by | Jun 2, 2012

There are a lot of factors that play a role in being in a constant state of bliss and peace. My mantra and the mantra of (my website)* is to be grateful, be loving, be passionate, be. Yes, I do believe this is a strong position in the art of happiness, but I also believe being authentic and real is a  key ingredient as well. That coupled with loving and honest is a mixture for happiness. In life we are met with challenges that I like to label ‘experiences’. Challenges has a connotation that they are difficult, and that is a perception we choose with a negative twist, which is why I prefer the word experience. Life hands us these experiences so we can learn and grow. And with these experiences we have a choice to acknowledge them and make a change or a decision, or ignore them, and eventually go through the same thing again. Did you ever notice some people have re-occurring situations in their life, and they seem to always be telling the same story, just with different names, or the same stories with the same names, which is even worse! The point of these experiences is to do something different, so that we don’t have to learn the same lesson more than a few times. 😉

 As I have grown and studied myself and my ways, I have realized that due to my kind nature (I am not giving myself a plug–in this case it can be a defeating trait)I have put myself last. And by putting myself last, I felt as though I was being a good friend,  kind to others, a great helper and peacemaker.  I was a professional at  being passive and compassionate, not wanting to ruffles feathers, and love no matter what. Loving all beings is the key to happiness, but if you don’t love and respect yourself first, you are doing a good deed for no one. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is your true gift to yourself and others, if it means being authentic and true.  Self love and respect is another key ingredient to happiness.  By not expressing your true feelings, you are living in a box, and eventually that box will be filled with resentment, and explode. So one of the important ingredients for a happy life is being loving to yourself. And being loving to yourself requires authenticity. And this may be scary for some, as it’s easier to go with the flow, but going with the flow if it doesn’t feel authentic will back-fire in time. So be happy now, be real, be true. Being true and being loving is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. In the end, honesty is always the best policy.

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