How to Be Happy

by | Dec 19, 2011

The first thought that comes to mind, is surrender. Surrender to everything that is going on in your life, that is less than love. When we truly surrender and accept our circumstances, forgive ourselves and forgive others,  we start to notice the world speaking to us.  We open ourselves up to following the signs, we become aware of synchronicity, and begin to flow with life.    The world communicates to us when we let it.  Recently I have been documenting all the ‘coincedences’ in my life, and they are quite frequent, and quite amazing.  When you vow to surrender to  your happiness, your true essence, and choose love instead of any other emotion, a weight is lifted.  Life seems much lighter, much more pleasurable, joyous and free.  You make the decision to release yourself from this box you’ve been living in, that is truly cramping your style.  Imagine actually living in a box?  That would be quite uncomfortable and cumbersome.  But that is actually what we do when we hold onto things like grievances, judgements, stand on ceremony, and choose anger.  When we surrender and choose love as our answer, we untie the box, open it up,  and experience the magic of life!  And it truly is magical when we just let go.  Surrender to our current circumstances, surrender to our past, surrender to the future we are creating with our thoughts, and just allow ourselves to be who we really are.  We are pure love, and when we don’t try to challenge who we are, we experience pure happiness.  And that is the secret to being happy!