Karma is Our Energy Returned Back to Us

by | Sep 13, 2012

Today I needed yoga…really needed it. I got to class early, and wondered where everyone was. Usually the class is pretty full, and I was there on my own. Just before start time, my favorite teacher showed up. I was elated! As I saw her walking across the wood floor, I walked towards her and embraced her with a hug, accompanied by tears. She was just what the doctor ordered.

It was an unusual class. All women, and there were only about five of us. I laid out my brand new mat, and new this class was the beginning of something different…starting fresh.
I found during my practice today that I was more flexible than usual. whatever burdens I had been carrying…some of them had been lifted. It was evident.

My yoga teacher brought up an interesting subject today. (She always tells a story, and/or gives us something to think about after our practice.) I find whatever she says, it is completely relevant in my life at that moment. It never fails. Today she spoke of karma, and doing for others, even when we may feel lazy, or un-enthused. I figured it’s a good topic to discuss.

Karma is not a myth, and not something we can escape. Karma is our energy returned back to us. It is unstoppable, like waves of the ocean…they are impossible to control. They are the energy of life, mother nature at work. Karma is mother nature at work. If we are aware of karma’s existence, why do we intentionally hurt others? (I use the word intentional, because sometimes we hurt others unintentionally, without our knowing.) Why put energy out that we do not want coming back to us? Some of us do it every day. Knowing this guarantee exists, doesn’t it make sense to approach life with love? Strong love, deep love, faith, truth and optimism…the love that feeds our souls, comforts us and protects us. If this is what we want for ourselves, wish it on others. Act lovingly towards others. Act lovingly towards ourselves.