The Artist’s Way, Update!

by | Apr 5, 2021

Update!  Lee is 38,000 words in to his book.  Woohoo!  I am so stinking proud of him. I did not know I married and author;).  ✍️ 

So, what is different now that we are more engaged in life?  The big impact for me, is now I do not have to think twice about asking Lee to attend a social engagement.  In fact, this happened last week: I had decided to go to a meeting to find out about becoming an ambassador for the Delray Chamber of Commerce, which basically means you volunteer your time to support new members (which is kind of funny because we are new members), and attend events in service to the community.  I came home from the gym, ready to shower and get myself to the meeting, and there was Lee, ironing his pants, getting ready to join me.  He wants to do this too?  Not only did we both say yes to the position, but Lee signed us up to work the wine and beer tent at the modified Delray Affair event this weekend. Mind you, I have never bartended, but Lee has full confidence we will get the job done. 

It’s important to note, this is not forced behavior.  Lee literally had such a huge insight into the fact that he would learn more about the principles (3P) we share by being out in the world, than glued to a course, webinar or book.  He also saw so deeply that he had been believing a life-long story about being shy and having social anxiety.  He literally blew the lid off of both of those old beliefs, and is truly enjoying being social.  He is getting so much inspiration for his book by living, and trying new things.  It is absolutely remarkable.  And for me, a social bug by nature, this is a dream come true.  

I guess there is so much in this. What’s coming up for me to share, is that as much as I liked the thought of Lee engaging in more social activity, it never was a thing for me. I understood where his comfort lay, and that was cool with me. And, I do find it interesting that we could look at this as a ‘hands off the wheel’ moment.  When you take your attention off others, and put it back on your own innate wholeness, things seems to work themselves out beautifully.  I could have never predicted this huge change in our lifestyle, and yet, for me, it is heaven.