The Artist’s Way

by | Mar 23, 2021

Lee and I have been on an exploration of creativity for the past few weeks and it has been awesome!  

Lee has been reading the book ‘The Artist’s Way,’ which suggests a 7 day practice of NO MEDIA.  What does this actually mean? No TV, radio, books, podcasts, articles…no outside influence of any sort.  He told me he was going to do this, along with journal at least three pages every morning, and I was skeptical.  

It has turned out to be the most wonderful experience.  Being that we live together, I decided I would support him as best I can, and gave up my nightly “Below Deck” ritual in exchange for silence.  

We flourished!  Instead of crashing after dinner for an occasional guilty pleasure of Bravo TV, or an educational podcast or webinar, we opted for walks on Atlantic Ave, people watching on a bench, and even a cup of fro-yo, or a tea.  After, we’d come home and grab a set of cards with wonderful quotes or questions to ponder with one another.  And where we thought falling asleep without a book and in silence may be challenging, we found our nights more restful, our sleep deeper, and our time together more filled with presence.   

And creating…we are creating! 

It feels like we have blown the lid off of our potential.  So much has opened up.  Lee has begun writing a book, which he never planned or intended.  He’s about 30,000 words in.  A typical book is 40,000, so he’s pretty deep in the trenches.  He never thought of himself as a writer, and the words are pouring out of daily, effortlessly.  

I seem to have ‘less on’ the daily happenings.  A situation that I would have judged as good or bad, now looks neutral.  I am easier on myself and less restricted.  And the big wow is, our social life has increased monumentally.  We are attending events we would have though of as a waste of time, assuming our time would be better spent learning, studying or reading.   And those are not bad ways to spend your time.  But what we now see is that spending more time LIVING is actually showing us the true nature of everything we share.  We are experiencing getting out of our own way, being in the flow, taking life lightly with less restrictions and actually, more clarity. I find I am more efficient, focused, and truly reliant on my wisdom rather than made up rules that may have been limiting me.  

This has been a wonderful experience overall.   And I must say, truly life changing.  What looked like a nice practice for a week has changed our lifestyle.  We have agreed to continue this for another 30 days, and I don’t think we will go back to life as we knew it.  We feel more alive and awake, without the influence of news, media, and other’s ideas.  We feel closer, more alive and open.  Accessing our own ideas and wisdom has opened the door to living and experiencing more of what life has to offer.  

What’s new tonight?  Lee has booked us a cooking class at Sur La Table.  We have an event with the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow night, and a dinner with friends the following evening.  And…it’s a weeknight my friends!! For those of you who know us well, this is a lot of socializing for the Vallely’s.  My dream come true…and Lee’s worst nightmare—at least, it used to be.  And now,  Lee is doing the planning?!?–Who is this guy (??), booking us in for these activities on his own, and putting them in our calendar?  Prior to this state of mind, I had to give Lee a week’s notice for any events we had planned, and could not schedule anything two nights in a row.  Just the thought exhausted him,  This is A HUGE change for us, as we have had huge insights from our quiet minds, unsolicited, coming from wisdom.  Bonus… we are having a lot of fun! 

I hope this little message has inspired you to look in a different direction and experiment with new ideas.