Capable; looking back on 2020

by | Jan 3, 2021

What a year it’s been! Even though it felt strange, there was a wonderfulness to it, a cleansing. We dropped away the illusion of security, as that went out the window with COVID. We got creative, we speculated, we adapted.

Why is security an illusion? Because true security comes from within. It is not something we can get from the ever changing outside world. It is a knowing from the inside that we are OK, regardless of outside circumstances.

Most (including myself, previous to happening upon the principles) have been under the illusion that security comes from circumstances. And when circumstances changed drastically, we all had the opportunity to look within, and get to know the self that is innate, the self that is made of all that is, our greater being, our oneness and connection.

As humans, we have this wonderful ability to adjust, to bounce back, to be resourceful.

When COVID hit, I remember feeling this strong sense of OK-ness, coming from absolutely no-where. We had programs scheduled that had been cancelled. And at the time, those programs were not transferable to virtual. Tons of time and effort had been put into a curriculum that would never see the light of day, in its original form.

Holidays always spent with family were transferred to FaceTime, and zoom happy hours with high school pals became a regular date.

There was a lot of wonderful.

*I am not discounting or minimizing loss by any means, as I know many suffered. I am personally recounting my experience of 2020.

Lee and I got super creative, and reassembled our curriculum to an online program. I built a platform for our curriculum myself, recreated and rebranded our website with the help of a wonderful graphic artist and visionary, and got out of my comfort zone learning to befriend my computer. I became more active in the 3PGC (Three Principles Global Community) organization, and my colleague Del Adey-Jones and I stared a Women’s Well Being Mastermind, which will run for the third time this January, with women from all over the globe, exploring The Three Principles, articulated by Sydney Banks, together. Lee and I have volenteered with charitable organizations, offering coaching and support to communities worldwide.

I have also experienced a deep cleansing of drama, and have seen so clearly how looking in the direction of the inside out understanding has helped me tremendously in letting go, releasing the need for approval, and to prove myself or be right. I can, with love and compassion, allow others to be who they are, even if that means letting relationships shift form, and fall away. I have learned to deeply listen to my own inner wisdom. I knew we would be OK through COVID, and not only are we OK (with much thanks and gratitude I say this), but we were able to trust our wisdom to guide us through, without forcing any outcome. We have actually thrived.

We have met wonderful people from all over the world, and created joyful, unexpected relationships. We are loving the quiet, slower pace our lives have taken. We are loving being home, embracing the little village we live in, cherishing the quiet moments on our deck, beach walks, and small gatherings with dear friends.

Welcome 2021. We are excited to embrace you. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this ever-changing world with love, compassion, and wonder.