Love Heals all Wounds

by | Jun 9, 2012

Although the common phrase “time heals all wounds” certainly makes sense, in examining what really heals all wounds, physical and emotional, the healer, is love. When we look at the process of emotional healing,  love is the essence which allows us to heal. In looking back on situations in my own life, I recognize that time has nothing to do with healing. It is just a factor in how long it takes to see the situation through the eyes of love.   Unfortunately we are not conditioned to forgive and let go immediately, we are conditioned to dwell, ponder, re-play and ‘what if’.  When we come to an understanding in our life that wounds are just a cry for love, compassion and forgiveness, we can let go of hurt, and choose love. Eventually, after we have ‘chewed the fat’, bitched and moaned, and wasted time being hurt, we discover that it took a lot of energy to be pissed off, so why not choose love now?  It certainly feels better!  Did you ever notice that when we have been hurt, in a relationship for example, months, maybe years later, we are able to see the situation in a loving way, and the pain is no longer a factor?  Sometimes we even laugh at ourselves thinking how much time we wasted being in a bad mood.  When we are able to step back after time has passed, and realize we did the best we were capable of doing given the tools we had, (everyone’s tool box is different), that is when we can experience love and forgiveness, and let go of the grip we once held onto so tightly. Imagine if we chose love immediately! Imagine the pain and anguish we would spare ourselves!

This amazing essence…love, is also the key to physical healing. It is fact that each cell in our body is capable of regenerating itself. We see this regularly with a cut or a bruise. Magically those physical wounds heal by themselves. They heal because we know they will heal, we expect it!  We don’t doubt it for one moment. We don’t have to do anything at all and the wound heals, and we trust this.  I can’t tell you how many paper-cuts and bruises I’ve had over the years…and magically, there is no sign of them! Our body is not selective about which wounds it will heal.  We are selective in what we believe will heal.  There is no ‘overseer of cell reproduction’ that says, “only paper-cuts and bruises team, the rest of you cells may not regenerate!” This magnificent vehicle we are given at birth is capable of healing itself! And amazingly, through love and trust, it does. The best example I can come up with which frequently shows our body in action is the placebo effect. The placebo effect proves that we have the power within ourselves through our own thoughts to heal! Many pharmaceuticals have not come to market because of this. We have all heard of miraculous healing stemmed from one’s own will to live.  And my guess is if you ask anyone who has had the experience of miraculous healing, their will to live was fueled by love.  They loved so strongly  and believed in themselves with such passion, that their body responded by repairing itself.  This makes so much sense when we acknowledge that our true essence is love.  Love is who and what we are at our core.  Our spirit is love.  And love being our true essence heals with love, physically and emotionally.

So you see, love really does heal all wounds. And since we know this to be so, why not choose love now?