Loving my anxiety away

by | Oct 27, 2020

The past few weeks in my Women’s Wellbeing Mastermind that I host with my colleague and friend Del Adey-Jones, I have outed myself and my habitual Monday Morning Anxiety.  Like clockwork, every Monday morning I wake up super early, stomach in knots, feeling that terrible discomfort, anxiety.  I worry, as you do with anxiety, and dread Sunday evening, knowing the uninvited guest will return.  

Now that I have more clarity about the Principles that create our human experience, my observation of this Monday Mess began to look different.  As I continue to explore this deep truth, that we feel our thinking, our thinking passes when we don’t hang on it, and when I’m in a low mood, I can’t trust my thinking anyway, my experience of anxiety started to shift.  I stopped fighting it, and decided to just accept it, and not give it my precious aggravated attention.  My new attitude, “Hang out if you want, I’ll even invite you for a cup of tea,  In fact, I’ll love you and adore you, as a part of my experience, you are a part of me.”  Can you guess what has happened now, as a result of my full acceptance and love?  No more Monday Mess.  My routine Monday anxiety has vanished…into thin air.  It no longer exists in my experience.  

I had a similar experience with my health.  I had a very annoying recurring sore on my hand.  The dermatologist doesn’t know what it is.  I was given some miscellaneous cream that never did much of anything.  So now when this annoying blister shows up, I just deal with it.  Annoyed.  But this time when it showed up, I changed my tune. I thought to myself, why not just love this little annoying blister that sets up camp below my thumb.  (Attractive, I know).  I made a conscious choice to stop fighting it and cursing it, and I decided to send it love, speak to it nicely, treat it with respect.  And, drum roll please…you can’t make this stuff up.  It faded away.  It never even became a blister.  I saw the red patch begin to develop, and it never broke out.  I loved it this time, instead of cursing it, and it vanished.  Nothing..gone…absent.  

What do I make of all this?  When we stop fighting with ourselves and accept our humanness, things seem to lighten up.  It’s like there is no longer oxygen feeding what we were resisting…and the stuff can’t breathe without resistance.   It can’t live unless I feed it.  And I not only stopped feeding it, I loved and accepted them both.  And they responded with ‘see ya’.  Yep.  I share what I see…and this is what I see.  Love and acceptance are a cure-all for our body and soul.