My Romance

by | Nov 21, 2011

A dear friend of mine lives abroad, and he has invited me to join his music club, to keep in touch with our spiritual and creative side. The friends of this group list the top songs they would want to have with them if by chance, they were stuck on a deserted island. At first, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe he is making me play this silly game!’ But as not to disappoint (I have been known to be a pleas-er), I gave the game some thought. The idea is to send an email each day for twelve days, each including a favorite song. Each song is shared with a u-tube version, if by chance it exists. It’s really been quite fun to hear songs that I never gave much thought to, and be reminded of some which I now realize I love! At first, when I wasn’t taking the task very seriously, I just rambled off the first thing that came to mind. But when I started to open the emails, and listen to the tunes, I realized what a cool gift this was! Music is emotional, so magical and adventurous! It can take you on a vacation if you let it. And because of this group and my new morning engagement, I started to think about what music really means to me. I re-visited my jazz routes (I studied Jazz for 2 years in college)and realized I really missed some very special music. I added Carmen McRae to my Pandora…and soaked in the joy of listening to her music while writing. Music has the ability to take you away to a fantasy land…where all is well and all is beautiful. This vehicle is a perfect ‘app’ for letting go of our daily worries and concerns, which weigh us down and only de-value our perfection. As a being on a quest to find every little helpful hint for being in the moment and appreciating life’s gifts, I highly recommend re-visiting music, all different kinds of music, and basking in the beauty of it’s melodious gift. ”My romance’ is one of my favorites…especially when Carmen McRae sings it. Receive the gift of the little things in life…they are actually the really big things.