by | May 19, 2012

I have learned to trust that everything happens for a reason, and that what I experience is for my greatest good. Recently, I experienced a lesson in patience, although it wasn’t meant for me. I was meant to be the trusting observer, and stay focused on what i know to be true. Have faith, stay positive, and focus on the blessings. The story goes….

My daughter’s friend sent her a paper doll in the mail a few weeks ago. The assignment was to have the doll spend the day with my daughter, and take photographs of the events. “A day in the life of a kid that lives in Florida”. Cute assignment! So the doll went to school with my daughter, karate, the beach, fishing….the doll had a very nice vacation in Florida! It was time to send the doll back to its owner.
I had promised to send the doll back over the weekend, and did just that. The doll was placed in the hands of Federal Express…faithfully. So faithfully that I did not keep my receipt, but I used my company account, so I was sure their was a record.

On Thursday I got word that the doll had not arrived, and frankly I was surprised! I called the store and spoke to the gentlemen that helped me with my package. He was busy, but assured me he would look into it, and get back to me that evening. I told the family I was on top of it, we would find the doll for sure.
The next morning I was scheduled to volunteer at my daughter’s school, and would not be able to check with FedEx until noon. I put my husband on the case. I was feeling a bit unsettled, wondering why the package had not arrived, and concerned for the little girl who was anxiously waiting. I had received a text from the family first thing in the morning, and I had no answer for them.  I decided to change my thoughts, and have faith…we were working on it, the doll would arrive.  During this time I received a phone call from the concerned parent. The parent was noticeably upset, and mentioned that I must have written the wrong address. I started to doubt myself…I have jumbled numbers in the past…what if I did goof up the house number? What if it was my fault? An uncomfortable seed was planted, and I was feeling it!   I called FedEx again, and the gentleman who had helped me before was due in shortly. I was told to call back. In the interim….I decided to look at the positive…I had sent the package through FedEx, so we have a team of people looking for it. Had I sent it through US mail, we would have no way of tracking it. A few stamps and that doll would fit right into the mailbox. Luckily I didn’t have a few stamps that day! Also, I used my business account, so their was a firm record of the package, and it didn’t matter that I didn’t keep my receipt. I was able to find quite a few things to be thankful for…so I called the parent to share the good news, and asked them to join me in positive thinking. If we put negative thoughts in our head, we will create a negative outcome…so let’s have faith!
About an hour later, my buddy at the store called me back. He had tried to reach me the night before, but didn’t leave me a message. As we were on the phone, the computer confirmed that the package had arrived. I called the family, and yes, the doll was at their door.

Later, the family called to say thank you, that our positive energy and thoughts must have worked! For a moment, I admit I was concerned…but then I brought myself back to reality, and asked myself what I know to be true. And that is…have faith, trust, be patient and full of love. That always seems to work!