Paying it Forward

by | Nov 20, 2013

You can’t make this stuff up! There is beauty and kindness and love in the world, and that makes me HAPPY!!

Today my husband went to McDonald’s for coffee. He does that routine every time we run out of caffeine. Today was a special day and I am delighted to share this cool story. He told me when he pulled up to the drive-through window to pay, the woman at the register told him his coffee had been paid for by the driver in front of him. My husband was perplexed and looked to see if he recognized the car in front. He didn’t. He inquisitively looked at the cashier and said, “really?,” and the woman told him this had been going on all morning. It was a chain reaction. How cool is that?? There was not a car behind him at the time, and my husband asked how he could keep the chain going. Soon after a car pulled up and my husband paid for the driver’s breakfast burrito. Wow! I love this story. This is the kind of love, generosity and kindness that breeds peace, and I’m all for that! Bravo to the driver who initiated this beautiful trend, and bravo to the drivers who continue this chain reaction. Imagine how happy the employees of McDonald’s feel, imagine how connected they feel, imagine how full their hearts feel being witness to this random act of kindness. It feels wonderful to be a part of something positive. Helping others bring joy and fullness to our spirit. It elevates us and influences how we show up in the world. Please don’t discount the magnitude of your kind gestures. They spread like wildfire, and this glorious kindness has the power to influence everyone we come in contact with, and everyone they come in contact with. Kindness makes a difference. I hope you will get some groovy ideas from this story. Remember…the little things are the big things. Peace, love and happiness my friends!