Relationship Savvy

by | Dec 7, 2020

I’ve been poking around on the computer a lot over the past few days. I actually did my own research on course platforms, signed up for one, and loaded up a course all by myself on Saturday. I was very proud, which I mentioned quite a few times to Lee.

In doing some poking around, I came across an old old video of Lee and I at one of our Tuesday night groups that we used to lead about three years ago at the Delray Beach Marriott Spa. Cringing, I thought, let me take a peek at this. And, I was pleasantly surprised. We were new-ish to the principles we share, and absolutely enamored with sharing what we were seeing. We spoke truth. A few word choices I would have changed…but that’s being picky.

In order for any relationship to improve, the attention must go within. This is not a self-blame game, its a self-awareness truth. The most important relationship we can ever have is the one with ourselves. We are programed to believe when others change, we will feel better, not seeing the truth, that we are experiencing our thought in the moment. And whether or not our thought is true, is debatable. The more we see the truth of who we are, the love that we are made of, and embrace that unconditionally, the more our relationships change as a result of our own, delicious self love.

When we look outside of ourself to feel better, we are looking in the wrong direction. Always. I happen to live with a man who will not cut me any slack on this. It sounds cruel, and he is actually helping me see and embrace how powerful I am. He is helping me see that I already have everything I need, even when I am in a low mood and cannot see it at all. He is taking away my crutch, and showing me I can walk on my own. As a result of seeing my own, always present, innate wellbeing, I grow as a mom, a coach, a wife, a daughter, a friend. I just become better at being me, the real me. The one that judges less and loves more, the one that stresses less and loves more, the one that trusts.

You can view the video here and even though we had a few rocky word choices…you’ll get the gist. The more loving and content we are with ourselves, the more loving and content we are with others, naturally.