Releasing Ourselves From Our Conditioned Thoughts

by | Oct 23, 2012

I taught a class today, the first of an eight week series on living your best life. It was a wonderful, vibrant group of people. I felt very alive and excited…as when I teach I am living my passion, being authentic, and experiencing true joy.

When I begin a series, I always start out telling my story, as I believe it has great relevance for the topic of the last class in the series, which is about following your heart. My heart, trust, and love is what lead me to this point, and what created Spreadhappy.

One of my students, a visually impaired woman in her early sixties approached me after class, asking for some advice. She has been experiencing severe, vivid, nightmares which awaken her each night. She explained to me that she is a very positive thinker, and during the day always feels chipper. But at night, like clockwork, negative images arise as she sleeps, and she suffers tremendously. She shared that she has seen her doctor about what she describes as a severe problem, and she has been given anti-anxiety medication. It is not helping her sleep peacefully. She asked for my advice.

Now back to my background. After I started studying spirituality, and discovering all the lessons I have been gifted in my life through my own experiences, I decided to become a licensed hypnotist, and past-life regression specialist. I yearned to understand the sub conscious mind, and the power and control it has over our conscious mind. With this said, when my student approached me about her problem, my first question was, “Have you ever tried hypnosis?” I knew her subconscious mind was stuck in a fear-based setting, and she was certainly not able to control it with medication. Medication was just a band aid, and one that not was fixing the problem at all. I also recommend she read a book to understand hypnosis, it’s value, and how it works, as some are skeptics. I recommended a new book by a Hay House New York Times best-selling author, Eldon Taylor, Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, A How-to guide for personal empowerment, tools you can use anywhere, which also comes with an audio tape which I think will be of great value to her, as her problem is clearly in her subconscious. There are a lot of books out there on self-help and hypnosis, but I had just finished reading Taylor’s and for a number of reasons, found it quite helpful.
First being he explains the link between spirituality and hypnosis, which involves accessing the higher self. You know I love that! Taylor describes the most exiting thing about hypnosis is accessing our higher self, and finding solutions to looming problems, hidden deep in our subconscious mind. He gives concrete instructions on how to re-program our unconscious to freedom! He also explains that the power of the subconscious mind and subliminal messages can assist us in creating the life we desire. We have the power to reverse certain patterns that hinder us from living our best life, all we need is the knowledge on how to do that, and the willingness to give it our attention.
My hope is that my new student will take my advice and try something new! She is suffering greatly, and with the help of contacting the root of the suffering, she has the ability to welcome freedom, and sleep peacefully.