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by | Aug 6, 2013

Often I find gems in my inbox. People send me books, blurbs and blogs of all sorts, and I am happy to pass on the good stuff! Meet Warren Cassell Jr, fourteen year old author of The Farm of Wisdom, available on Amazon. Don’t let his age fool you. Here is a description of his book.

Can one turn to nature for answers in today’s world where so many are losing hope? Teenage serial entrepreneur, Warren Cassell, is confident that listening to the sounds of nature can solve many of today’s problems. In The Farm of Wisdom, Warren shares twenty-­five life lessons that will ignite in you a flame of wisdom. With the help of a fictional farm and whimsical farm animals, Warren teaches that pigs, cows and even ants can teach us lessons. Through these unforgettable tales, we learn that despite formal schooling, life’s critical lessons can be learnt within our own space. You will never think of a farm in the same manner again.

I have read though many of his chapters. They all feature a moral to the story. You can pick up the book at any point and grab a gem of wisdom from this forward thinking teen. Best of luck to Warren, and I hope you will support this writing rock star on a mission to spread a word of peace.

There is a new app called Sociidot. I checked it out myself and it’s super cool! Here’s the idea: Sociidot is about helping you live the life you really want to live. You envision the story of your ideal life, and you create that story within the app, breaking it down into small pieces that can actually be accomplished. You can get advice from other users, or you can get a pre-made template from a recognized expert. www.sociidot.com.

If you try them out, please let me know your thoughts. You can email me at
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