The Best Presence to Give for the Holidays

by | Dec 20, 2017

Kindness, love, compassion and reflection come to mind as a top priority for exploring the the true meaning of the holidays. What truly brings us joy has little to do with tangible gifts, and everything to do with love and connection.

In our home this year, the holidays are going to be spent just the two of us. My daughter is going to spend time with her cousin, aunt and uncle, and we are staying in our little hide-away on the water. At first , I was sad, as we usually travel north to spend time with my husband’s family, whom I adore. And this year, we are staying put. And we get to reflect on the meaning of Christmas, Hanukkah, and the new year. Some thoughts that arise are ‘what went well this year, and what would we like to change in the coming year, and how can I be more present?’ It’s in the present that everything is OK, we are whole, perfect and enough. And our presence with one another, for me, gives the holidays meaning. It’s about experiencing connection and love and allowing for forgiveness, kindness, patience and compassion. The holidays are about being, without judgment or expectations. Let’s be surprised this year, and set our intention to be in the moment, accept what is, and find the joy in now.