The Little Things Are Really The Big Things

by | Aug 13, 2012

I reached out to my friend today, as we hadn’t caught up in a while.   He is one of  my yoga buddies.  We usually show up for Tara (my fave instructor)‘s class a few times a week.  In true yoga style, we occasionally grab a smoothie after class.  He is a super cool dude, dad and husband. I admire his commitment to himself and his family. He is following his dream and getting his certification to teach yoga. He is being true to himself, which in turn brings truth and love to all of his relationships.  Gotta love that!!

When I texted my friend to see if we should resume our yoga-smoothie meetings (as it’s back to school here in Florida), he responded, and followed his message up with these two simple words.  ‘you cool?’  Yes, that simple.  Those words brought a tear to my eye. Why? Because just that statement is so very generous, and because I knew he meant what he asked.  He wanted to know if I was cool, if everything was alright.  We are so busy today, that we forget to check in on one another. We forget to think outside the box.    It struck me so kindly and profoundly that I had to express my gratitude, and I did. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most loving and generous.  Imagine if we all took a moment to really inquire about one another? And really mean it?  Friendships are a gift.  Let’s treat them as such.  Thank you Brad!