The Spreadhappy Philosophy

by | Sep 6, 2011

The idea of finding happiness, joy and appreciation in life is of course meant for the individual. But in essence, the idea is global. Imagine what would happen if we all really appreciated the little things in life? I mean really appreciated them? I went for a walk yesterday along A1A in the morning. Just me and my headphones.  I find that music has the ability to make us feel really happy…and sometimes really sad (if you hear a song that reminds you of a sad movie, or a sad time in your life). I like to listen to music when I walk, and yesterday my artist of choice was Santana (who happens to be a very spiritual dude, by the way. I only know this because I have read about him, and I assume this information is correct!) So as I am listening to Santana on Pandora, I notice this flock of birds flying above. They were absolutely amazing! There were about twelve of them, and I watched there pattern as they flew in unison in the sky. It was incredible, like a graceful choreographed dance. The leader would flap his wings, and the gang would follow, then the leader would coast…and the gang would coast as well. It was like watching a live game of dominoes… as one would stop and coast, the others would follow. Except they never fell down. I assume they all  landed gracefully at one point. 😉 It was so amazing to watch these birds agree with each-other, get along, in harmony, peacefully flying above.  It was beautiful. And as I watched this…my Pandora changed tunes, and on my Santana station, played “One love, One heart” by Bob Marley. Did you ever really listen to those words? They are so beautiful. And as we know, nothing in life is a coincidence…so the message was very clear. Let’s all appreciate one another and be kind, be generous, be loving. And I also feel these beautiful birds, and this beautiful song had another meaning. Across the globe we have experienced natural disasters recently,  and we are coming up on the anniversary of an un-natural disaster on the 11thof this month. While it is important  to send love and support to those who have lost, it is just as important to remember how we were on the 12th. On the 12th, we forgot grudges we were holding, we forgot who owed who what, we forgot who we didn’t care for, we forgot what political party we were affiliated with…we just held out our hands and our hearts and said, ‘how can we help?” we felt for our fellow human-beings, we took time away from rushing around and trying to be the best at something, and embraced our children, our families, our neighbors. If we could capture that compassion and love with out having to experience tragedy first, imagine how happy we would be?