Time for a Change

by | Dec 14, 2015

I have experienced a lot of change over the past couple of years, and sometimes the universe has a way of kicking me in the butt and saying ‘start fresh’. And the UNI did that very well just a few weeks ago.
I founded my little baby happiness website about 6 years ago. The site became an outlet for me to tell my story, and tell the truth. In some cases shamelessly embarrassing myself for the sake of my own catharsis.

Over the past year and a half my efforts lessened for a number of reasons. One is a full time job doing what I love, the other is being a single mom and going thru a divorce, and then falling in love. Quite a few major life changes. I neglected my baby Spreadhappy, and the universe clearly told me not to do so when I was recognized again this year with a “top self-help blog” award..which I greatly appreciate. I decided it was time to tell the truth about my absence in blogging, and it felt really good to release the story, and get back to my blogging. As with any acknowledgment of the truth when it involves others, there was a repercussion, and one that I am grateful for now, a couple of weeks later.
One morning I received an email from my web host, GODADDY that the changes requested had been processed. The email had not been addressed to me, but I was copied on it as I had a shared account. A loose end I thought I had tied up coming to bite me and teach me once again to do my due-diligence, and that hard lesson I keep trying to ignore, protect myself.

The details of the situation do not matter. What matters is this has given me the opportunity to love myself more, trust the process, and re-invent myself. There was nothing I could do except that. My website had been taken down, and eventually my email too, which I had everything you can imagine attached to. And this had all been done deliberately as a way to hurt me. And the shock of it did, and then it made me giggle. You can take lots of things from me, but you can’t take me. I am who I am and I get to choose how I react to situations, and if I react at all. I decided it was time for a change. Clearly the universe was telling me that. So instead of fretting over lost contacts and web addresses, I decided to move forward and re-invent myself. I had neglected my website instead of using it as an outlet. I realize how very important it is to NEVER let anyone steal your heart, or take your thunder. Everything in life is an opportunity to grow and learn, and become the healthiest version of ourselves. I truly feel released and empowered. And I encourage others to look at life’s surprises as an opportunity to be even better at being love. I did not react, I found a solution. And it’s taken me bit to re-address my contacts, and that’s OK. It’s a welcome release from an old unhealthy attachment, and I am grateful.