Trusting in Life

by | Oct 30, 2014

I have been away for a while, loving life and letting life love me. Gently reminding myself that through each change is opportunity for personal growth and wisdom. Sometimes I ask myself, “did I really sign up for this?”, and I know the answer is YES. I have a friend who reminds me to ask for the courage and strength to handle what I am given, and that I am doing.

I have recently gone through a dramatic life change and I am amazed at how held I have been through all of the change. I lead groups and coach at a recovery center, Lifescape Solutions in Delray Beach. One of my mantras that I frequently share with the groups is about trusting in Divine Law. I certainly do. Divine law housed me through my life change, funded me, loved me and supported me in ways only explained by miracles. I do trust that when we believe in a power greater than ourselves, we prove the belief to be true.

Just in time I had house sitting gigs show up, sublets become available, the funds required for housing lovingly offered, brand new furniture gifted to me…the list goes on. I have experienced miracle after miracle which some may call coincidence, but I know better. Life shows up and supports us when we allow and I am practicing allowing. I certainly do not have it down to a science, though I have an agreement with myself to STOP when I notice I am telling myself unhealthy stories. My experience as of late is the only proof I need that we are creators of our own life experience. The world is here to love us and like us and teach us. It is a pleasure to be a student, even though being the healthiest version of ourselves asks us to step up and be big…and that can be painful. I am reminding myself as I write that being big is our gift to everyone in our path. And gift giving is our right and an honor. The opportunity to step through our fears to be authentic in our life is constantly being offered to us. Saying YES to that offer is our ticket to freedom. And we are here to be free. The phrase “let go and let God” comes to mind…sounds about right right now. Blessings counted!