Weed your Garden

by | May 10, 2011

Every day, morning noon or night, I send blessings to many people. Some I have consistent contact with, others are estranged. With genuine love, I wish for peace and happiness for all, especially those who have treated me poorly. You see, I realized as I got older, that I really am different than most people. Different to a fault, as I had a pattern of being easily hurt, becoming a doormat, and not really understanding that relationships are built on respect, and it goes both ways. I always thought that if I just love unconditionally, and forgive, everything would be OK. That is true. Loving and forgiving unconditionally are the only way to truly be happy, and truly be at peace. But I learned over time not to come back for more. I learned to give up the position of doormat, and walk away from relationships that are toxic. And I have found that like attracts like, and now in my adulthood, I am thankfully surrounded by positive, loving and grounded people who look beyond the material, and see the real me. We all respect one another, and constantly look for the beauty in life. We concentrate on how we can make our world a better place, and spread happiness, love and kindness. It is wondrous, and I am thankful. But along the way of learning what is important in life, and what truly brings happiness, I had to weed my garden. Actually, most of the time it was weeded for me. The universe, God, spirit, whatever you want to call it moved people places and events to help me (the ultimate fixer) to see that my garden desperately needed to be weeded, and that meant walking away from friendships that were not friendships at all, but toxicities. It took me a long time to realize that not everyone on the planet was filled with love, and some people thrive on hate and look for problems as a daily ritual. This is the only way they know how to be, and they enjoy surrounding themselves with conflict, and blaming others for their unhappiness. I used to try to fix these people, make everything OK, apologize for things I didn’t do, or forgive and stay involved in an unhealthy relationship just to create peace. But one day I became awake, I was able to see that their anger was not about me or my circumstances, it was a reflection of themselves that they projected onto me, out of their own self hate. It was routed in jealousy, and low self-esteem. You see, when we feel hate for someone, what we don’t like about that person is a reflection of our own insecurities. I am proud to say I do not experience hate as an emotion. I do experience disappointment and sadness, but even as a child I just never had that bone in my body, and still don’t. It used to be a weakness for me, but now I see it as a strength, as I am at peace. I am thankful to be able to weed my garden, and sometimes when I think about contacting a ‘weed’, out of love, I am reminded by an event or circumstance that very clearly shows me I have made the healthy choice. It is best to continue sending prayers of love from a far, and cherish the loving people in my life. My hope is that somehow this will help someone be strong, and make decisions for themselves to surround themselves with positive people who are looking to be loving and peaceful. If you are around people who are constantly finding fault with their circumstances, and constantly bringing you down, weed your garden, send love, plant new flowers.