Welcoming Joy

by | Dec 6, 2013

It’s easy to get caught up in the same routine. Work work work, take care of household responsibilities, food shopping, laundry, scheduling, appointments…it can all be exhausting. So how do we find that spice in life when we have so many responsibilities? Good question.

I find it’s the little things, the small adventures that increase the amount of spice we experience. Doing things a little differently opens us up to the great vast experiences that await us. The world is waiting for us to say yes, we just have to oblige.

This Christmas we stayed home for the first time in years. It has become our family tradition to go on a cruise. I am sure glad we choose our home. We are having a ball. We decided to experience our town as if we were on vacation, and we are discovering things we didn’t know existed. And I believe we are getting a lot of signs saying “YES”. I will share one in particular with you.

Last night we went to a Polynesian restaurant for dinner where they had a tremendous show and tremendous food. The type of place where your drink comes out in a pineapple. We had such a great time and everything felt different. Who knew we were only 30 minutes from our house? After our meal we decide to take the scenic route home. We were looking for a main street to cross over the bridge to drive A1A, the road that runs alongside the beach. I said to my husband to try a side street, we would find our way. What a wonderful decision that was. As we cruised down this tiny residential street, we noticed beautiful lights ahead, and the street began to crowd. Suddenly we were sitting in traffic in this small neighborhood we discovered en route to the bridge. As we slowly approached, the crowd thickened and traffic came to a halt. On this street was a home showered in lights and decorations, music and storytelling. We decided to park and take a look for ourselves.

People came from all over to see this beautiful winter wonderland by the sea. The street was crowded with happy people, holiday music, and Christmas spirit. It was so exciting to be a part of this joy created in this tiny neighborhood. We poured over each section of this holiday home, garnished with trains, sleds, blinking lights and even an ice rink. This was a special night, and stepping out of our regular routine to take our time and explore led us to this wonderful sight. I wish I could put into words the happiness I felt in the air. Time stood still as people gathered in awe, forgetting any troubles and experiencing joy. It seems the holidays do bring magic whether you celebrate or not. I believe the key is being open to experiences, and open to joy. On that little street, there was no judgement or negativity, no horns honking because of traffic, only gratitude and smiles beaming ear to ear. It was beautiful and so far…I am loving the surprises on our stay-cation.