What Do You Believe?

by | May 9, 2013

What is it that you believe? Do you choose to base your thinking on your perception of past experience, or reality? Yesterday my husband and I had lunch with a friend who we have known for a few years. He is a super nice guy with a very big heart. He works very hard, is extremely devoted to his own health and the heath and wellness of others. In fact, his business is in the field of fitness. We love him dearly. He is just a really good person. I have noticed over the years that his perception of life and situations is skewed very differently than mine. He tends to view things in a particular way that support his ‘story’ in life. When I spend time with him, I realize how amazing it is that many of us can experience the same situation, and perceive it very differently. We make up scenarios in our mind to support the way we see life. For instance, I may interpret a delayed return phone call as busy…life…and not give it much thought. My friend may read into and interpret the delayed call as disrespectful or with a hidden meaning. I have realized over the years that he talks to himself in a certain way to support his view of himself.

Eldon Taylor wrote a book called “I Believe”, and I know my friend and many of us would benefit from cracking it open. Each chapter is a short vignette on different circumstances in life, and what Eldon has come to believe to be true through his research. You can literally thumb through the book and pick the topic that resonates with you at the moment. I liken the book to a research tool with many different life experiences, each one accompanied with a story, and a thoughts to ponder at the end of the chapter. I have enjoyed using the book as a reference guide and an opportunity to ask myself some questions. If you choose to check it out, I hope you will find it as useful as I.  Does how we interpret things skew what we experience in life?  Do we have the power to change our circumstances through our perception?

Below is a quick snippet of a Q&A from Eldon.  I’m sure it will perk your interest!

Q: What is the first and foremost message you want your readers to receive from I Believe?

ET: That they were born with all the gifts they need to fully maximize this life experience. If things are not going as well as they had once hoped, then it is time to reassess their beliefs and to choose once again. The fact is, there is a truly remarkable and near unlimited power that resides within all, that is the very essence of our individual uniqueness. All we need to do is tap into the source of our ability and express the gift that is who we really are.
www.eldontaylor.com for more information

Happy discovering my friends!