What is Your Vision?

by | Feb 5, 2015

I am alone this morning and it is very rare that I get to spend time with just me. It’s really pleasant. It’s early morning, the rain is humming in the background, my candles are lit, and I am thinking about how blessed I am. Today I get to go to work.
Yes, I get to go…in good health, surrounded by loving people, supported and encouraged by my employer, counting my blessings. I was poking around on Facebook and was inspired by some quotes and encouraging words. I decided it was time to write again. I haven’t written in a while.

I have these fantastic coasters (I’m going somewhere with this) in my living room. My coffee cup is sitting on one of them. They all have inspiring quotes on them. “Put all anxious thoughts aside and be at peace’ holds my cup. Imagine doing that for a moment. Just breathing and letting the world love you as-is. That I find is the challenge for most of us…loving ourselves unconditionally without strings attached. I work with many woman (clients) who find self-love the most challenging. These beautiful, courageous woman have been conditioned to believe their happiness is outside of themselves, and the past defines who they are. The past is tool for us to learn from, to use as an experiment to show us what we like and don’t like, what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. It is an opportunity to learn about ourselves. It only defines us if we choose to act from it and continue to play the role.

We can choose again. We can re-create our lives and live from a place of happiness, joy, love and appreciation. It’s all in our vision. Our vision creates our life. Choose a happy, positive vision. Remind yourself of your strengths, your blessings, and recognize how you have been held by a force you cannot explain. See how you are loved. I am counting my blessings today that I have time to share this, and that in my few moments of me time I choose to focus on what I have, and confidently know that focusing on my blessings brings more blessings, and that feels good!