When You Least Expect It…

by | Apr 28, 2016

Today I had an OMG moment. It was a reminder that whatever we need is always here for us, and the universe responds promptly in ways in which we could not predict.

I woke up this morning with a headache, and by noon, the darn thing was still nagging at me making it very hard to concentrate. I was finishing up leading a group with my husband and saw my aunt, who is the queen of holistic remedies, walk into her office which is attached to the group room. I barged in the room completely ignoring the fact that my aunt had a guest, and said, “I have a headache. Do you have any secret remedies with you?” She stopped me and said, “This is Tommy. He is a healer.” I shook his hand and and he grabbed hold of my right hand with his left, and started breathing slowly and deliberately. It was like watching the wave at a football game. I could literally sense the energy coming from Tommy, flowing through him, through me. Yep, not your normal handshake. After a minute or so he asked me if my headache was gone. He also asked me if I went to bed late, and said I was dehydrated (which I knew) and my adrenals were working over time to compensate for my lack of sleep. All of these things added up for sure and made sense. He was correct on all accounts. Then he mentioned that I was carrying a burden which was causing the stress and trouble sleeping. He was right there too. I was just given a large task to handle at the facility where I coach, and it felt quite daunting, and I was feeling uncomfortable and resistant. Tommy did a great job reading my mind and detecting exactly what was out of alignment. And I was super happy that I felt better and the headache was M.I.A. I had heard about Tommy. He had just written a book and apparently is the healer to the stars. He works with sports teams and celebrities, and he healed my dear friend from Leukemia, and consequently opened her portal to her innate gift, she is a medium and em-path with incredible abilities. So this guy is the real deal. He was hit by a car at 40 miles an hour 18 years ago, and after he died and came back, he woke up from a coma telling the doctor exactly what was broken in medical terms, and gained the power to heal others, and himself. He was given a year to live. Did I mention he used to be a plumber?

He has since healed thousands, and hasn’t aged a bit. By holding someone’s hand, he can tell exactly what is wrong, and if not immediately, in a few short sessions, cure it. What completely amazed me was that about an hour later I went into my office to do notes from my group, and reached for my pocketbook to grab my readers (ewe, that over 40 belief that I created!), and realized as I grabbed my bag, my tennis elbow didn’t hurt. In fact, it was gone. I had had tennis elbow for the past six weeks and had been not giving it much attention, just doing some stretches and sticking to my mantra “what you focus on grows”, so I did not focus on it. I trusted it would go away in it’s time. And I jumped out of my chair, raised my hand to the sky several times with my pocketbook just to make sure I was really healed, and ran out of my office to tell the nearest breathing entity what had just happened. I texted my husband in complete delight, and found my uncle to share the good news. Both were very nonchalant about it. I was ecstatic! I did not mention the tennis elbow, nor was I thinking about it. This dude’s energy did some serious magic, and I was the blessed beneficiary. So as the story goes, trust and believe and you will receive! I was looking for peppermint oil to cure my headache and a miracle showed up in it’s place. I’ll take it! The universe is a really cool place. 🙂