While Our Daughter is at Summer Camp

by | Jun 29, 2013

It’s been a week since my daughter left for overnight camp. We have received one letter addressed to “MOM”. Luckily the postman knows I am mom, and where I live. As sad as I was to see my daughter leave for camp for seven weeks, my anxiety was much worse than my actual experience. My daughter is having the time of her life. We see pictures every night. She is doing things she would never be doing at home, with a wonderful group of spirited kids. She is playing tennis, rock climbing, zip-lining, participating in team sports, swimming, fishing, water skiing. Our daughter is having the time of her life with her peers,  bonding and growing. My husband and I are so thrilled for her happiness and this tremendous opportunity. We decided we should have a lot of fun as well.

While she is at camp, we decided we should take advantage of this time, and fill our days with activities we now have the opportunity to experience with out the worry of a babysitter or a time restriction.  We are re-visiting the pre-child years, leaving the house on a whim with no specific plans and no agenda.  So far, we have taken trips up the coast of Florida and stopped for oysters and to gaze at a sunset, grabbed sandwiches at a local deli and had in-promptu dinner on the beach, let the pantry go empty until we were forced to food-shop.  Today we hopped in the car with a few things packed, and drove to the west coast of Florida. No reservation, no plans. We landed in Captiva, and found a tiny no-frills cottage in a town of two streets. The cottage has a small marina where you can rent boats and water toys. There is no lobby.  You check in at the bait and tackle shop. The guys that run it are relaxed, kind and warm. It’s very simple.  As the sun begins to set, others staying at this little spot are barbequing outside under the tiki hut. Kids are fishing, and all you can hear are the birds chirping and the sound of friends gathering for a simple evening by the water. My hubby and I are wearing our flip-flops and are headed to a local dive across the street to watch the sunset and eat oysters. The simplicity is breathtaking. We are taking advantage of our second honeymoon. Living free, enjoying the moment, and counting our blessings. I didn’t realize that as we were giving our daughter the gift of camp, we were also giving ourselves a gift. We are taking this time to live day to day, break out of our mold, and enjoy just the two of us!