Why I LOVE the Sexy Vegan

by | Aug 31, 2013

My idea of a good meal today is very different than it was fifteen years ago, when I thought accompanying my salad with a diet coke was a valid contribution to healthy eating. I distinctly remember the day I decided to take soda out of my diet. I was on my way to the gym listening to a radio interview in my car. Two women who had just written a book (I think it was Skinny Bitch) said something that shocked me enough–and I have never had a drop of soda since. One thing lead to another and I became extremely interested in healing with foods, and began learning more about processed foods, and how even fresh food in the U.S. is really not so fresh. It takes work to eat well folks! I ended up the hospital not long after that with a stomach issue that was never quite resolved. I had to be very careful with my food choices, afraid that the nasty stomach virus would come back and have another ‘go’ at me.

I was already a whole-foods convert becoming more and more conscious about my food choices. While shopping one day after my hospital scare, I started speaking with an employee whom I had shared my recent illness with, asking him for guidance. He told me of his own stomach wars, as he had suffered from Crone’s disease for many years. He recommended a medical doctor that specialized in healing with foods who changed his life. As it turned out, my new friend no longer experienced Crone’s disease since he changed the way he was eating. My interest was peaked! I made an appointment with said doctor and my journey into conscious eating began.

I truly believe that what we eat influences how we feel and our level of happiness. In my book, it’s all intertwined. Feed your soul with happy, nourishing thoughts and feed your body with happy, nourishing foods. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I am not a vegan, but my diet does consist mostly of vegan/vegetarian style eating. My day starts off with a super-food smoothie that’s green and thick, delish to me, not so appealing to those who may not have bought a ticket on the food-research train just yet. After years of reading about nourishing our bodies with food, attending lectures, hanging out with health coaches, and doing my own due-diligence, I have become a new-age health nut. And I’m actually having a lot of fun with it. I rarely feel sluggish after a meal (unless of course it is an occasional cheat, which I do enjoy), and am happy knowing I am feeding my body and soul lovingly by making the time and putting in the effort to eat real foods.

My point? Well, there are many, but the one I want to mention today is about The Sexy Vegan. Kim from New World Library sent me Brian Patton’s latest book, The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home, and I adore it! First of all, this guy Brian is really funny, and that makes the book very appealing to me. He was inspired to write this handy ‘happy hour’ guide by his routine Friday Happy Hours with his wife which quickly became quite popular with his friends. So popular that he was scheduling guests out weeks in advance, as his happy hour is designed for a party of four. The book consists of themed happy hour menus, an easy to follow shopping list, and simple, healthy recipes easily prepared within an hour. Brian is a riot and just following a recipe is fun because of his humor and comic spirit. YEAH BRIAN and thank you for sharing your recipes and fun Friday happy hours. One day, I hope to join you. For now, we are happily connected through foodie-ville.