From my very first conversation with Andi and Lee, I was hooked. A longtime devotee of any and all consciousness-raising teachings, I knew right away that I wanted to work with them in myriad capacities. Aside from being wildly delightful people, these talented coaches are pioneers on the forefront of this evolution of consciousness that I’m sure will eventually blow our collective mind. Their deep understanding of the Three Principles is evident in everything they do and share, and I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent with them. Smart, funny, and just the right amount of quirky, Andi and Lee are the guides you’ve been waiting for. Let them take you there

Lisa McCourt

Best-Selling Hay House Author

”Andrea Vallely is a true teacher of the heart. The way she lives her life is an inspiration. Her work is a blessing.”

Robert Holden

Author of Happiness Now and Loveability

Personal Coaching

I am so thankful for meeting Andi. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for what seems majority of my life. I’ve done therapy on and off for 7 years and could never feel at one with myself . After just one coaching session with her, I had such a pivotal moment in my life. She taught me to be present in my life and feel the true happiness I felt when I was much younger. Thank you Andi for helping me love myself and my life again. I will continue to take what you taught me everyday going forward.

Donna Hayat

Spa Coordinator

Andi and Lee teach powerful & practical tools designed to create happiness & attract positive experiences in your life. Their personalized coaching techniques teach you how to be grateful & experience life from the inside-out. They explain the power of have clarity & that you are not a victim of your circumstances, but instead a co-creator of them. They don’t just teach how to be happy & to attract things into your life, they live by it. Their knowledge & passionate coaching style is exemplary. Highly recommended!

Michael Dimone

Spa Coordinator

I’d been in a dark place for a while, and I haven’t laughed or smiled or had this much fun in years. It’s been so long, and just what I needed. I left the retreat with more confidence. I am capable of so much more, I am capable of everything! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, and felt my purpose.

Lori Rex

Sales Manager WYFWTY TV

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You both have seriously helped me shape this beautiful wonderful magical awesome life I live today and I can’t thank you enough.”

Caitlin C

Recovery Coach

Andi, thank you for being you! Thank you for braving through and carving out a path for others by modeling and exemplifying true love! Love can’t be taught, explained, nor described enough in order to ascertain its experience. You get it, though. You stand as a living testimony and model, and that is so fortunate for us! I have only met you twice and you have moved me to tears each time. The last time I cried it was because I was sad. This time I teared up because I was humbled with happiness! Thank you for making something out of what many consider nothing. With all my gratitude.

Shannon Michael


I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful workshop! It was so inspiring, and so approachable. Simple, but profound. I have found myself reflecting a lot on the ideas you shared and trying very hard to put them into action. I was even able to find the good in not feeling well the past couple of days – it gave me the chance to slow down, stay inside and to study. I am enrolled in a holistic nutrition is only one part of that – happiness, spirituality, and relationships are very important as well. I hope to bring what I learned from you into my work with others.

JR, Holistic


Andi, I thank you for all of your positive messages. Each time I read one of your articles or watch a video of you I am changed for the better. May the Peace of God be with you today and always. Much Love and Appreciation

Jennifer Jones


Meeting Andi has changed my life. She has helped me to think more clearly. She has brought out the kindness within me, and has helped me to share that kindness. She has shown me a different way to look at life. She has helped me to appreciate the here and now. To STOP obsessing about the past and the future. Through her I have learned to make smart choices. I have also learned to love all people who I pass in this life. No words can tell the whole story I can not put into words all the best that Andi has done for me

Debbie Mc Crory

The minute I met Andi I knew I was in good hands. She was this bright light with a beautiful smile ready to help me get through my troubles. Her technique was much more positive than I had ever had before. She inspired me and taught many ways to change the way I was dealing with my issues. Only after a few visits I was on my way to becoming switched in my line of thinking. I became more confident and it turned my Life into harmony and happiness.

She has me helped so much that she is now helping my son who is 27 years old and has always been chronically depressed.  He in just a few weeks  is starting to change for the better.  His way of thinking and believing in himself is starting to show!

We are truly grateful to Andi for all she has done for our family! She is the VERY BEST!

Michelle “Buttercup” Davis

Andi, thank you so much for encouraging me to bring my husband to one of our sessions! We’ve been having some issues for months now and just that one session helped us both open up to some things that were on our mind and get some clarity. Things have been great ever since! I really appreciate all your help

Jessica D

Andi is truly an insightful and beautiful soul. Her patience and kindness in her approach made me feel extremely comfortable talking about sensitive topics. Her way of expressing complex concepts in terms that anybody would be able to understand and embrace makes her exceptional at what she does. She is truly one of a kind and a blessing to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her

Michelle Burke

I was down. Really down. I felt paralyzed. After taking with Andi, on a scale of 1-10, I’m an 8.5, and I feel like Andi whispered something in my ear and it’s stuck ever since. I’m grateful.I got my mojo back.”


I have been through three years of weekly therapy and I have never felt that I could come out of where I was. Since working with Andi and Lee, I now I understand that I was digging even more into what was hurting me, and through coaching and their programs, I have reached my goal: get better and feel free. I’ve grown so much emotionally. I am not at the mercy of anyone anymore. I have clarity and I have more energy even though I am going through a very difficult time in my life. After experiencing what I shared, I decided to talk to my daughter who has also been through a lot in the past years. Three years of therapy, medication and many low moments. She was done with going to tell someone about her life. She began coaching with Andi and the change started. Today after only a month of coaching, I see my daughter smiling, no longer overwhelmed with school and friend issues. Thank you, Andi and Lee, for all the shifts in my life.

Valeria Fabiani


Hi Andrea. I just wanted to let you know that I just listened to your whole podcast conversation with Sabrina that you posted and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are very inspirational and you have a very soothing voice which makes it easy to listen to your words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your story. I will try to not take life so seriously all the time. I will try to be “lighter” so I may experience my natural joy. I will also try to not hang on to my “stories” as long as I normally do. You should be proud of the work that you do. I am a big proponent of mental health. I have worked hard and have come a very long way, but like everyone, I am a work in progress. The brain is a crazy thing and is very powerful. It’s amazing how your thoughts affect everything. I agree that we are here to love and to be happy. Relationships with people is what is most important to me in my life. Thanks again,

Lisa S

I initially approached Andrea to work with my 15-year-old daughter who is struggling with severe depression and anxiety. After only one meeting with my daughter, Andrea gave me an insight that was life-altering. We then switched gears, instead focusing on my perception of my daughter’s illness/ wellness, and on my ability to be whole regardless of where she was in her journey. This realization has allowed me to find peace within myself and in our home. I am eternally grateful to Andrea for lighting the way for me in my own personal journey.

Karen Flannery

M.D., Physician

Working with Andi in personal coaching was an elegant and life-moving process. I had a background in science, and I was looking to remove some blocks and take my life to the next level. What I received was so much more than I could have imagined. Andi is a warm and highly intuitive coach who knows how to seamlessly meet you where you are, and read and guide you to what you need. It was like shedding a skin that was already peeling and gone, but I was clinging for no reason at all. My whole life changed. The Principles they teach are simple, and yet if you ingest them, they cannot NOT bring on change. I have shifted in more ways than I could have imagined. My relationships are flourishing, I am healthier in my mind, body and spirit, and I feel an excitement knowing I have all of the answers inside me. Andi and Lee are robust and strong in their willingness to pursue their calling by helping others, and I’m so grateful to have them in my life! It’s a lifelong journey and I plan to keep them right there with me!

Lisa L


Andi and Lee are an invaluable source of motivation, compassion and support on my soul’s journey to discover, embrace and take action towards my purpose and passions. The shifts I have experienced personally and professionally have been monumental. I have made peace with life and become unattached to its outcomes. I am creating space for all that my heart desires and to letting go of what doesn’t serve my highest and best interest. Most importantly, I trust that the boat I’m in is taking me exactly where I need to be. How beautiful and freeing to know that it is totally normal to feel stuck and desire something more out of life – and then to experience the transition to happy. The strategies and lessons shared through your coaching and two Edgewater wellness retreats have been life changing!! I am so grateful and blessed to know you.

Jennifer Durden

Director of Real Estate Development

After spending years of work and thousands of dollars trying to get to a more mindful and peaceful place in my life, I had the opportunity to attend one of Andrea and Lee Vallely’s retreats. After three of the most amazing and enlightening days with them, I found the pure beauty of life. Through their simple and yet critical principles, life finally makes sense. Their retreat transformed my mindset, and allowed me to tap into newfound wisdom, insight and inspiration. I would highly recommend working with Andrea and Lee and attending one of their retreats. They will transform your life!”

Dr. Norbert Belz PHD

Healthcare administration, Business Coach

I reached out to Andrea Vallely on the verge of a crisis. I felt stuck and held hostage by my thoughts… I could not escape my negative thinking. I was considering going to a psychiatrist, but only after the 1st session, I knew I made the right decision! Andrea’s genuine and caring approach met me exactly where I was! With her guidance and insight, I am already seeing personal progress and a shift in my life. I highly recommend Andrea for anyone seeking empowerment, looking to reach that “next level” in life! The biggest change that I saw was how peaceful my life became. I am free to surrender and live in the moment. I released the judgement of myself and others, and I am now empowered and vibrant! The 3 principals that Andrea shares is fundamental knowledge that helps take life to another level, and helps escape unhelpful thinking. I am so grateful for her guidance, I wish I would went to her earlier because it changed how I live my life completely.


Business Manager

After speaking to Andi, I feel really relaxed and at ease. Thank you! Thank you so much. I really feel so good now, and comfortable in my skin. It seems like you’ve lifted some sort of burden from my shoulders.”

Sunny Punjabi

Coach and Entrepreneur

Wellness in the workplace

Andrea was the featured speaker at our organization’s recent Women’s Empowerment event.  Her presentation was motivating, inspirational, meaningful, relevant, and packed with meaning for the women at the gathering.  Using personal experiences, expert research, and relatable examples combined with her clear presentation style and a touch of emotion and humor, her words and messages truly resonated with the audience.  Several women remarked after the presentation that it was “mind-opening”, “next level” and “food for a lot of thought and change”.   We will most definitely re-engage Andrea for future events and if you and your organization or company are searching for a speaker to inspire your members or teammates, look no further than Andrea!

Barbara J. Stark, M.A

President & CEO Milagro Center

Andi is a kind and thoughtful person who is a pleasure to be around and work with. In a time when negativity is commonplace, Andi is a breath of fresh air; she is a genuine spirit who has a beautiful message to spread. Andi’s words are simple and meaningful, allowing her message to be open to anyone who will listen. Andi has the power to transform your life and put a smile on your face, and her message will resonate long after her workshop or lecture is over.


Editor-in-Chief of Cliche Literary & Arts Journal Florida Atlantic University

I had the pleasure of attending an event recently to hear Andrea Vallely speak. She was so engaging and inspirational. She captured everyone’s attention from the moment she began speaking, and I think we all walked away with some powerful thoughts and a new perspective. Absolutely amazing!


Membership Coordinator Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

Teen Coaching

I met Andrea by chance and it was meant to be. Andi subtly and gently gave me tools to find the little girl inside of me, cradle her, forgive her and most of all LOVE her ! This exercise has been a perfect recipe for my healing~~ and accepting my Universe in a much grandeur way ~~ Happiness is within us and thank you Andi to have held my hand for just a little part of my journey towards living more happily and more lovingly deep inside of me!



I initially approached Andrea to work with my 15-year-old daughter who is struggling with severe depression and anxiety. After only one meeting with my daughter, Andrea gave me an insight that was life-altering. We then switched gears, instead focusing on my perception of my daughter’s illness/ wellness, and on my ability to be whole regardless of where she was in her journey. This realization has allowed me to find peace within myself and in our home. I am eternally grateful to Andrea for lighting the way for me in my own personal journey.”

Karen Flannery

M.D Physician

Lee Vallely is amazing! His coaching is far better than any other, and I’ve been to gratitude training, various forms of hypnosis and NLP and other coaches in my life. My goal was to get into a loving relationship and it was not always an easy journey. But Lee was encouraging and persevered and held me accountable for my goals and actions. Within six months I met the love of my life, and we got engaged! I highly recommend him to anyone that needs to change their life!

Jennifer Garcia

Clinical Licensed Therapist

Tuesday’s group coaching has honestly become my favorite day of the week. Andi & Lee have truly helped me find clarity and happiness unleashing a new perspective on my life. I am forever grateful to my beautiful new friends for helping my heart heal and learn to love myself. I highly recommend coaching or a weekend with Lee & Andi regardless of where you think you’re at on this journey of life- thank you Andi & Lee for enhancing my journey! xo

Caitlin Lockard

National Account Manager

After experiencing my own transformation coaching with Andi and Lee, I decided to talk to my teenage daughter who has also been through a lot in the past few years. Three years of therapy, medication, and many low moments, she was done with going to tell someone about her life. She began coaching with Andi and learning the principles, and the change started. Today after only a month of coaching, I see my daughter smiling, no longer overwhelmed with school and friend issues. Thank you, Andi and Lee, for all the shifts in our life.

Valeria Fabiani

My daughter was practicing self harm earlier this year and traditional therapy was not working. I Want To Tell You Shift DOES Happen. Through luck of the draw we found this program, and it has really been making a difference for her. We have as a family a new language and new tools support each other. This program has created a lot of freedom and inner ease for me and my family.

Jamie Waltz

My daughter really enjoyed working with Andi and Lee. She seems really relaxed and was able to explain how she can deal better with stress in her life. She is much more positive and able to shift out of her negative thinking quickly


So, is there a part two?  Ethan wanted to know if he could go back!  You guys rocked it!  Thank you so much!



I’m not letting my emotions get to me. My mind is a lot calmer.


Student of Shift Happens for Teens weekend

I learned I’m already whole and I used to cover myself up with unhelpful thinking. While I still sometimes do that, I notice when I am doing it. I didn’t notice before. I can now tell when I am going into a spiral, and I’m in my red zone. I don’t have to do anything about it, It will just pass. Before knowing this, I turned to self harm to try to get rid of the thoughts. Just know that you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed.

Siri Waltz

I dropped a negative and fifteen positives came up!  This is the best I have ever felt in my life! I feel so much lighter

Reid S

High School Freshman

Thank you so much for helping me connect with myself in a way I never thought I could. I’m so thankful for you.


19, college student, coaching client.
I now know not to do anything when I’m angry.  I give myself five minutes, and it passes.    I come back to a calm mind.


Student of Shift Happens for Teens

Last night I was really anxious for no reason and I did a meditation, as Andi suggested, and I felt so much calmer right after, and slept amazing. Transmuting the anxious energy and meditation helped so so much. I felt whole because I didn’t need anything outside of myself to feel ok and it was such an amazing moment. Thank you Andi for all your help.

Raya S

high school student

I’ve been working with Shift Happens over 6 months and they’ve helped me so much. The videos and weekly/bi-weekly sessions are always helping me improve my way of thinking and teaching me about how my mind works.

Isabella F.

19, college student, coaching client.

Working with Andi was life-changing! My daughter came home happy! She applied what she learned and experienced to her daily routine! The stress was simply gone and she was relaxed throughout the rest of the day and night! She told me that she was grateful I signed her up and is looking forward to continuing! I am thrilled to hear that from her. Thank you Andrea and Lee for your coaching.



We were at ground zero with my daughter when we reached out to Andrea. She had been to several other therapists, and we were not seeing improvement in her ability to handle stressful situations, in addition to her anxiety and depression. Under Andrea’s guidance and coaching, our daughter has made massive changes, working through situations that arise, rather than acting out, and we have seen significant improvement immediately in her demeanor. She appreciates the way Andrea teaches her forward thinking, vs. her traditional therapist who was focused on past trauma or what is ‘wrong’ with her. We are so thankful, our daughter has come a long way, and looks forward to her sessions with Andrea.

Katie S.


Andrea Vallely is a gift and blessing for all lucky enough to know her and work with her. Her ability to teach and share the message of living from the inside out is truly remarkable. She changed my daughter’s life exponentially. My daughter suffered greatly with confidence due to a traumatic emotional experience. After closely and diligently working with Andrea, she was able to grasp the inside out understanding and recognize that when she stays out of mind and trusts in herself she does not need any reassurance from the outside. With the new understanding and her new found confidence her life has changed allowing for happier interdependent relationships and more importantly a very fulfilling and happier relationship with herself. I cannot thank Andrea for all that she has done for my daughter and for our family. I have personally studied so many different life training platforms, and Andrea’s approach to dealing with tough times and life’s hurdles is the best practice I have ever experienced. Shift Happens to all of us, but Shift does not have to have a negative affect on our lives, thanks to Andrea.

Monique McCall

Singer, Songwriter, Mom

My daughter is doing great. She’s made amazing strides. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance.

Ana F.


When we, my teenage daughter and myself, first met Andi, we were at our wits end, having spent countless hours working with therapists, social workers, and doctors. Nothing seemed to be working as we careened from professional to professional. Still, our daughter was drowning. After several weeks of sessions with Andi, our daughter began to significantly improve, taking on a semblance of her old spirit of joy and wonder. The key to this transformation was Andi shifting Raya’s focus from a discussion of her problems, to a realization that she was OK, and all of this was a part of her journey. We are truly grateful to Andi for the inspiration and guidance that she has provided us in this very short time.



My daughter is coaching with Andi in her Shift Happens program, and all I can say is Lee and Andi are amazing. They get how to connect to her and help her understand things she was struggling with. She had been to therapists and getting nowhere. Thank you so much for showing her the path and guiding her down it. I am forever grateful. She is a completely different child and we have never been happier.

Ryan Knapp